A Sissy's Shame

I am a 28-year old, attractive, fit, heterosexual male. Unfortunately for me, I am also a sissy transvestite. I wish I wasn't. I wish I didn't shave my legs every morning. I wish I didn't wear panties every day. I wish I didn't come home from work and masturbate in a dress and high heels.

But I do. I am.

It gets worse. Just being a pathetic crossdresser isn't enough for me. Sometimes wearing a tight, leather skirt and fuck-me pumps doesn't make me hard. Sometimes I need to face the humiliation of being what I can't deny I am: a perverted sissy transvestite. So on go a pair of women's jeans or black pants. On goes a pink shirt with 3/4 sleeves and a pair of high-heeled boots. Or women's loafers with a three inch stacked heel. Or saddle shoes. And then it's off to the mall. No wig. No makeup. No hiding. Just a sissyboy trying on stilettos at Steve Madden. Buying a bra at Victoria's Secret. Taking a dress into the changing room at Hot Topic.

The stares. The whispering behind my back. The pointing and giggling. Look at that faggot. Oh my god, he's wearing high heels. There's a guy in there trying on skirts. The burning shame. The total humiliation. Can't look up, can't make eye contact. I'm too embarrassed. I don't believe what I'm wearing. I can't believe what I am. I hand the pretty, young cashier my money. She smiles and neatly folds the negligee, places it gently in the bag. What must she think of me? What does she say to her co-workers the minute I'm gone? Why can't I be a real man like her boyfriend? Why are my panties getting wet?

Then it's back to the car. Quickly, hurriedly. I have to get out of here. I got what I came for. My god, I'm a sissy. My heels echo loudly in the parking garage. I'm so utterly ashamed. But I'm so hard now, too. So hard I can barely put my key in the car door. Barely start the engine and pull out before... before I'm rubbing my tiny little dick through my pants and my panties. Telling myself to wait but knowing I won't, knowing I can't. And then suddenly it's too late. I'm cumming in my panties. Cumming and cumming like the humiliated transvestite I am.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it one bit. You needed to do it because you are a sissy and you did it. You shouldn't feel ashamed, that's just what a sissy has to do. A sissy needs to have checkout girls chatting about her, customers giggling, and teeny boppers pointing at her laughing hysterically.

Anonymous said...

I agree, you must revel in the amusement of our superiors. I especially love it when mean teen-girls point and giggle away at me, and so should any self-respecting sissy. As soon as I leave a store, I know the checkout girls are having a laugh-riot on me, and so they should. Being a sissy is simply wonderful, I wouldn't change it for anything.

Anonymous said...

I've come across this site by accident and I'm both shocked and amused by you people.

As a woman it does seem unnatural but somewhat kinky when boys wear girls clothes.

God, next thing the writer will be wearing Kotex! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, some actually do have fun with Kotex would you believe!! It's wonderful a GG has stumbled upon this blog, dressing is kinky and we sissies adore displaying ourselves before you. Thanks for popping in.

girlie said...

I like to be a sissyboy. I like to shame myself in a lot of situtations. I like to serve men as a maid and wash their clothes and serve them in bed. Oh, I like it to be a stupid sissy.

girlie said...

Can't you imagine, how wonderfull it is to be a sissy? Wearing the most lovely clothes and admired by both men and women?
I loved it very much every day.

Anonymous said...

o, yes, that's right. it is really wonderfull being a sissy, although the beginning is very difficult. I was so ashamed when my mum saw me the first time ...

Sheen said...

I, too, love to wear women's clothes and be humiliated in public by them.

Anonymous said...

I am a feminized cunt who LUVS being humiliated publicly as I shop for my feminine hygiene products. Nothing emasculates this sissy-in-training more than shopping for menstrual pads, pantiliners and tampons in a busy supermarket or pharmacy, my basket filled with items only worn by a woman while she is menstruating.
This girly girl, generously scented with my fave "do me" perfume and sporting make-up, also adores shopping for her fun femme fashions in person at Fashion Bug and Dots.
BTW, I really REALLY like to have my panties packed with several monster maxis (in addition to a tampon) and go sissy shopping wearing only snug white shorts over my prissy panties. I feel so very girly when sporting three bulky nappies!

Anonymous said...

my dear why you shame beacause youre a sissy?
i think being a sissy is more humanic than being a fat big man.
i am a sissy too. but if you ask me we are angles deaarest firend we are white clouds in the sky do you hate it?
mary 18 years old girl

Anonymous said...

Your next shopping trip:

Pick out a very feminine blouse,with lace, ruffles, or better yet a tie-neck bow.

Go to the dressing room and go try it on.

Wear it to the register and purchase it, leaving it on for the entire ride home.

Anonymous said...

don't feel humiliated, you are beautiful

Anonymous said...

I no longer remember her name. The fact is I never knew her name, only that she was tall, slim, and beautiful. She was unquestionably the sexiest cheerleader at Lincoln West High School in Cleveland, Ohio. I noticed her, as did all the guys, and I also noticed her boyfriend.

His name was Dan. He was big and muscular with wavy blonde hair and a visage that communicated he was not to be fooled with. He was more than all-man. He was the very definition of masculinity. If he told you to do something, you did it, no questions asked, no questions even considered. He didn’t have to make threats. His very presence was a threat. Just the thought of him was intimidating.

Once, when he told me to give him a cigarette, I nervously fumbled through my pockets to fetch one for him. I might have offered an excuse to someone else (“I just finished my last one”), but when this stud spoke, I was not only speechless but afraid that I wouldn’t give him what he wanted as promptly as he may have wanted it. This was the voice of virility speaking. This was a man who could make the world’s most sexually experienced woman feel like a virgin again because, surely, no other man was ever the man that he was. Other real men could feel like sissies in his presence. Being anything but a real man, my entire world was altered when he addressed me. I was disoriented, incapable of anything but submission.

Once I handed him his cigarette, he lit it with the lighter I meekly offered him, placed my lighter in his pocket and walked away. I was relieved that the experience didn’t cost me anything more than a smoke and a ten dollar Zippo. I would, of course, try my best to avoid him in the future.

His girlfriend, the superstar cheerleader, was also someone I preferred to observe only from a distance. She was as much a woman as he was a man, and, therefore, I didn’t feel worthy in her presence. As a world-class wimp who would blush just thinking about talking to a girl, I knew I would never be able to fill the masculine role that a woman would require from a man. I avoided girls just as I avoided the truly masculine boys who would reject me if I attempted friendship anyway. But I particularly wanted to avoid this girl, just as I wanted to avoid her stud boyfriend. She would see me as the wimp I was, and wouldn’t hesitate to treat me like one.

But fate decreed that our paths would cross, and they did in the school’s underground parking lot where there was a door through which one could take a short cut into the building. I was smoking a cigarette when she returned from lunch. As she opened the door, she paused to look at me. There was a smile on her face, but it wasn’t a friendly one. Rather it was a patronizing smile, the kind that often precedes laughter. And laugh she did. With my curly red hair and somewhat effeminate facial features, I probably looked like a fag to her, and she obviously found fags amusing.

I was 18 at the time. I was a virgin and it looked like I would be keeping my virginity forever. Still, I didn’t think I was a fag. Even though I masturbated, I considered myself sexless, almost a eunuch.

She made her opinion of me explicitly clear a few days later. I was walking home for lunch when a car full of girls stopped in front of me. She was in the back seat, laughing as she joined her companions in mocking me. “Fag!” they screamed. They laughed uproariously and repeated the word twice more - “Fag! Fag!” - before taking off, still laughing.

It was the realization of my worst fear. I lived in terror of ridicule and humiliation, a fear that made me the timid wallflower that I was. It was one thing for the boys to think of me as unmanly, and in gym class they certainly did, but for a girl to call me a “fag” seemed to seal my fate. And here I was being ridiculed and humiliated by the school’s star cheerleader whose boyfriend was the star stud. What would happen if I crossed paths with them when they were together? It was the worst possible scenario.

Little more than a week later, the worst possible scenario came to be. The stud and the cheerleader produced, wrote, directed, starred, and cast me in the role of the sissy to be humiliated for their amusement. Their power was absolute and impenetrable. As a mere extra in their story, I had to submit completely to their


The scene was once again the underground parking lot. I was waiting by the door when they came through it. As soon as the cheerleader saw me, she smiled that smug, patronizing smile as she obviously remembered the way she and her girlfriends called me a “fag” and I meekly accepted their ridicule without comment. She grabbed the stud by the arm, whispered in his ear, and he turned to look at me, wearing the same smug, patronizing smile that a real man and a real woman naturally assume when observing someone they have decided is a fairy.

The stud approached me, and as he did so his cheerleader girlfriend smiled an amused, excited, and surprised smile. She was clearly anticipating some fun. I, on the other hand, was anxiously fearing further humiliation. As the stud came closer, I instinctively cast my eyes downward, avoiding his intimidating gaze. It was the last thing I should have done. I was already admitting defeat, but I had no choice. It was as if whatever self-control I had thoroughly disappeared in their presence. I could only submit to them and my demeanor let them know that I was powerless to protest.

“My girlfriend tells me you’re a fag,” he said, smiling and clearly enjoying my humiliation. I remained meekly silent. Whatever words I might have considered uttering were buried deep in my stomach, far beyond the reach of my throat. The cheerleader giggled uncontrollably, and said, “It’s obvious he’s a fag. He wants to blow you.”

“Look at me,” he said. “Look me in the eyes and tell me you’re not a fag.” my heart was pounding like never before as I obeyed his command and looked him directly in the eyes. I was speechless. Unable to defend myself, he took it for granted that his girlfriend’s assessment was correct on both counts. I was a fag, and I wanted to blow him.

The cheerleader clearly wanted me to blow him. “Make him suck you off,” she said between giggles. “I want to see the fag suck your dick.”

“Come on,” he said, and with a nod of his head directed me to a dark area of the lot where his car was parked.

I didn’t dare argue and I was too scared to run. I did as he told me to, and as I followed him, the cheerleader followed me, clearly excited as she laughed hysterically and said, “Wow! I can’t believe this is happening.”

He unlocked the door to the passenger side, sat down with his legs outside the car, unzipped his pants and produced a throbbing penis, a minimum of seven inches long with a pronounced mushroom shaped head. I was standing before him but not for long. He ordered me to my knees and I obeyed as the cheerleader leaned against the open door and peered down through the open window. I didn’t know how to proceed, but fearful if choking on such a thick, long penis, I started by licking the head. “Ooh,” said the stud, “that feels good.” For the first time, I was actually beginning to relax, relieved that I wasn’t disappointing him. In the meantime, the cheerleader laughed uncontrollably. I never heard so much laughter in my life, and there was no doubt she was enjoying this even more than the stud who was also enjoying the way he could so easily command me to debase myself for his pleasure and hers.

I continued licking the head of his penis, but now the stud was impatient, and so was the cheerleader. “Suck him, faggot!” she said. “Yeah,” said the stud, “suck me.” I licked the entire length of his shaft, then opened wide to take as much of his penis in my mouth as possible. I held it just before the opening of my throat, but then felt his strong hands pushing my head all the way down on him, his penis now blocking my air passage. I was scared, but I was also starting to enjoy it. I moved my head up on his penis, and when I resumed breathing, went to work on him like a slut. My mouth moved up and down, up and down, sliding his penis in and out of my mouth while he moaned with pleasure and the cheerleader watched, as excited to see a fag at work as she was knowing the power she and her boyfriend had over me. By now I was excited too. This was meant to be, I thought. I'm a sissy and a faggot, and I love it! At the same time I experienced this epiphany, his penis exploded. My mouth filled with thick, lumpy cum. It was trickling down my throat and some was trickling down the stud’s penis. The cheerleader, more excited than ever, interrupted the moment with the demand that I let her see her boyfriend’s cum filling my mouth. I did as she ordered. “Swallow it,” she commanded. In one gulp, I did as I was told. Once the thick pool of cum was on its way to my stomach, she repeated her earlier taunt right to my face. “Fag!”

I didn’t deny it. I knew now that I couldn’t. I wouldn’t even want to. The stud and the cheerleader knew me better than I knew myself. They forced me to the truth. After licking the stud clean, I, who was otherwise speechless in his presence, finally found the courage to address him. “Thank you, Sir,” I said. He laughed, put his clean penis back into his briefs, zipped up, and laughed again as I remained in my proper place before him: on my knees. “I’ll bet you’d like some more, wouldn’t you, faggot?” the cheerleader said. “Yes, Ma'am!” I said. She laughed again and, looking at the stud, said, “Wow, this is something I’ll never forget.”

Neither will I.

High heeled sissy boy said...

being a gay sissy boy myself I know exactly how it feels.

Anonymous said...

I was at a adult movie theater as I would face my humiliation when I walked into the theatre to buy a ticket to the theatre room dressed in my blouse and black skirt, panties and bra with high heels and red lipstick and painted face and eyes. I felt so fem.
When I walked in I stayed in the back row, there was several rows of seats. There was a dozen men spread out here and there. I stood in the back a while until one guy got up and came and stood in the back further behind me. I was very concious of his presence and shortly I felt him move closer behind me. I stood with my heart racing as I felt his warmth very close near me and then his hand touched my buns casual like as if accidentally. I did not respond. Then I flet his hand on my derrier and my anal love canal started to feel wet and warm. His hands now caressed my buns and it was such a thrill to feel him touch me and feel like a woman. His hands soon started pulling my skirt up and his hand started pulling down my panties and I stood frozen in expectation. Then his hand pulled my panties down to my thies and I felt his hot poker touch up against my buns and a shiever shot though my body. His hard hot poker pushed between my now hot wet buns and found my wet anal slit.His hands wrapped around my waist and he pulled me to him as his penis head parted my buns and my anal lips gave way to his smooth hard penis head. When he pulled me a second time I felt him slip inside me and I finally knew what a qoman felt and it was heaven. He proceeded to kis the back of my ears and kiss my neck and it was heaven. He went in and out and in and out and I opend more and more for him. He then indicated for me to ben over the back rest of the seat in front of me and I did. He really went deep into me then and I pushed back as if I wanted it to touch may inside stomach as if I wanted his sperm deep inside me. After a few minutes of bliss with his cock I felt him get real hard and push deep inside and I felt his warm cum empty into me. I was in heaven. Whe he pulled out I touched my anal opening and it was wide and very slippery from his dripping sperm. I started to reach for my panties and I felt another hot pocker touch my parted ass and I reached and felt it. As I looked behind me there was as now several men standing along the wall one after the other behind the man behind me now sliding his hard cock and telling me to resume my position as befor which I did and his hot pole entered me and his hands pulled my waist to him and I felt him slide deep inside me now lubricated by the sperm inside me. when he emptied inside me another followed and I just enjoyed being a sissy bitch being filled again and again till they had all done me and I was filled where the spem dripped down my thigh and wetted my panties. When I left I felt my ass dripping all they way to the car and I loved the feeling. When I got home and layed in bed I caught the sperm with my cupped hands and swallowed it again. Heaven.

Anonymous said...

I love your tsissy blog

Mistress cindy said...

Hey baby don't fight it, only if you wana.. be you and you will be happy, and thats what counts.. Its better to do what you want, your desire in life is the key to living!!. There is boys and men who would love to dress up and play the female, but it takes guts, and you have got that.. so well done honey and fuc em all, you dont need to be excepted, only by yourself.. I would know being a Tvmistress and love it..dom or sissy.. pls email me tvmistresscindy@hotmail.co.uk

Tell me how you are..


loz said...

dont worry dale i have seen you out shoping and wish i could help you me and my sister we shop in the same shops in bexleyheath best of luck from lorraine

LoriCd said...

Hello Sister,

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is all soo true! I myself go to the local mall frequently dressed in white tights, wearing leggings and girls loafers. I don't wear any make up, but I do have long hair. Teenage girls love to tease me but little do they know I crave the humilation. I love being a sissy! I am a faggot sissy that needs to be humiliated and that is my fate!

Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Merle Dean Shamblin and I would like to be your new friend. I sure could use somebody to chat with. I am a 47 year old long haul truck driver who currently lives in Duncan Oklahoma. Dec 8th 1960 I was born in Fairview Oklahoma. Moved to Caddo and Washita counties where I attended school at Colony Hydro and Weatherford. My parents Malvin and Wanda Shamblin were cotton and peanut farmers. Dad died in 99 from lung cancer. Graduated from SWOSU with a business degree. My two sisters are LaDonna Hubert and Malva Burrahm. Dennis is my brother. I have been a truck driver for 14 years and have driven 2 million paid miles. I have received many safe driving awards over the years. I am single and have never been married. I have a wide range of interests and am pretty much an open book. Currently I drive a 2006 Freightliner for a major carrier. I dont go to Canada very often. I dont have a dedicated route so I run the entire lower 48. I enjoy reading cinema music sports travel etc. I am gay and versatile.

Anonymous said...

I can't help myself I must stroke my lil clitty as I read your wonderful story.

Anonymous said...

I found a sissy TV in a public park, masturbating in her van to straight porn. Then she stepped out to show off her yellow heels, hose, and bra...along with that hard-on she couldn't hide. I walked over, stood behind her, and started touching her. When she pulled my hand out of her panties, I slapped her ass and said "don't pull away from me. You like it, and you know it". She then stood quite still while I felt her up. Later we did things in and out of the van, including a "forced" jerkoff where I jerked her off until she spurted on the ground. She said she wasn't gay, and I told her she was whatever got her off. After a few months she stopped going to the park...sorry to see her and her cock-clit go really....

Anonymous said...

WoW! It's like old home week here. I don't have any trouble accepting the fact that I am a sissy but I am always amazed and intensely curious as to why most real girls find us to be disgusting perverts and others seem to enjoy our feminine persona.

Anonymous said...

Any time you want to model a fag husband here is mine.


ptlooking4u said...

Fantastic blog!! I am in love

WendyHeels said...


Anonymous said...

I've just been reading your points of view and am struggling with issues of my own i am female 44 and been with my husband since i was 16 yrs,and just had my heart ripped out by my husband of 27 years, i found him in a mini skirt with his privates for all to see in photo's, when i asked him about these photos he stated they were for me i told him how he could even think i would be turned on by them as i am 122 kg struggling with my weight issues and medical problems, him knowing how i feel about being straight myself, then he changed his mind almost immediately said it was a joke then again changed his mind again and said he was thinking of putting them on the internet, well that just throw me for a six-er, I'm not a judgmental person, So i did research over the last week into all of these different words that are used for cross-dresses and transvestites etc , and i get the feeling that he has always been this way, he blamed erectile dysfunction for not having sex with me, so all this time i believed it was me, except he also said it was medications, what i don't understand is he knows what happened to me when i was younger i trusted sharing very hurtful and private stuff with him many years ago and he didn't trust me why, when he knows i cannot stand liars, we have always said i would rather you tell me the truth than i find out a lie later as that would hurt me more. and i am finding on the net that there is so much support for people cross-dressers but nothing for the other person in the relationship i see that the women should get over it and that no-one is being hurt by this fetish well i beg to differ as im hurting so bad as i thought i had a marriage that no-one could break and or 23 yr old daughter is hurt by this as well i on top of this dont know now if or when he has ever told me the truth or ever will in the future, am i to sit and wonder when i leave the house or go to bed that my husband will be doing these things again yes he more than likely will , but now i face the problem of having to go to a doctors to get tested for std s or even aids even though he has said the thought of sucking a mans cock is yuck how can i know that he hasn't lied to me about that, so you guys tell me again how no one gets hurt as my heart doesn't agree with that statement i'm trying to understand by anon Mrs S.M

mysster said...

the urge declines over time. but over a long time.

i still feel the lure of "it all", years after i took daring plunges into dressing and potential exposure.

years of 'cum', purging, alienation.

i still feel the lure of "it all"

GurleBoi said...

I'm so afraid my wife will discover I wear her makeup almost every day. I asked her if she thinks it unusual for me to shave my legs and underarms and she says it is for women only.

fagtomboy said...

i luv it ALL~~~

Anonymous said...

How come these transvesties always seem only to like men? Is that the reason you dress ultimately is it to please men? I think all the woerd feelings you are tapping into is the feelings women go through that's all. Personally, I did meet a transvestite guy and I fell completely in love with him. I loved how we felt the same but then I loved the other parts of him too. Just because you feel all the feelings of women, don't think its because women are making you feel that way, you might be surprised to find that women arent really your enemies, there are other enemies in society that women are up against and so are you if you dress like one so it should make you feel closer to women.

Anonymous said...

your only disgusting perverts if you dont commit to one woman. and the same rule holds true for all guys, you have to make your contribution and hold up your end as a male in society that is your job. Men who dont do that and only focus on sex ? of course they are

Rebecca said...

You Said To Leave Brutually Honest Comments, Well Here Is Mine

I Think That You Are Beautiful <3
Its True. Don't Be Ashamed Of Who You Are. You'll Find Someone To Love, Don't Worry.

-Random, 14-YearOld Girl :]

Anonymous said...

You didn't say anything about any homosexual acts. So you get aroused by wearing women's clothes.

Anonymous said...

You didn't say you liked guys. You just dress up. No big deal.

sissy becky said...

I have to giggle, don't all sissies giggle, when reading how we love to be laughed at by real women and girls. I remember my first trip to the mall - dressed - and I had to be a sight. I shopped at a department store and even shoplifted a necklace - crazy felonious sissy, me. Must have been there an hour. Even got some Fanny Farmer chocolates. Walking out remember a mother shielding her pre-teen daughter as they laughed at this pathetic sissy. On the way to my car my silicome falsies fell out and down to my tummy. Pathetic, thy name is becky. And to the GG that was both shocked and amused, this sissy wears KOTEX once a month during her monthlies which last a week, KOTEX and TAMPAX are my friends, too.
kisses to all,
sissy becky

Anonymous said...

The gods tempt people for which they are most weak. Artificial Intelligence will create desire in people's minds for the following sins:::
1. Alcohol
2. Drugs
3. Preditory "earning"
4. Homosexuality
5. Gambling
6. Something for nothing/irresponsibility (xtianity)
7. Polygamy/superiority over women/misogyny (Islam)
Much like the other prophets Mohhamed (polygamy/superiority over women/misogyny) and Jesus (forgiveness/savior), the gods use me for temptation as well. In today's modern society they feel people are most weak for popular culture/sensationalism, and the clues date back to WorldWarII and Unit731:TSUSHOGO, the Chiense Holocaust.
It has been discussed that, similar to the Matrix concept, the gods will offer a REAL "Second Coming of Christ", while the "fake" Second Coming will come at the end and follow New Testiment scripture and their xtian positioning. I may be that real Second Coming.
What I teach is the god's true way. It is what is expected of people, and only those who follow this truth will be eligible to ascend into heaven as children in a future life. They offered this event because the masses have just enough time to work on and fix their relationship with the gods and ascend, to move and grow past Planet Earth, before the obligatory xtian "consolation prize" of "1000 years with Jesus on Earth" begins.

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Your ultimate goal is to fix your relationship wiith the gods and move on. You don't want to be comfortable here, and the changes in Western society in the last 100 years has achieved just that.
1000 years with Jesus is the consolation prize. Don't be deceived into thinking that is the goal.

The Prince of Darkness, battling the gods over the souls of the Damned.
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How often is xtian dogma wrong? Expect it is about the Lucifer issue as well.
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In light of modern developments this can entail many pleasures:::Medicine "cures" aging, the "manufacture" of incredible beauty via cloning as sex slaves, free (synthetic) cocaine, etc.
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If this concept of Lucifer is true another role of this individual may be to initiate disfavor and temptation among this new population, the proverbial "apple" of this Garden of Eden. A crucial element in the history of any planet, he begins the process of deterioration and decay that leads civilizations to where Planet Earth remains today.

Only children go to heaven. By the time you hit puberty it is too late. This is charecteristic of the gods:::Once you realize what you have lost it is too late.
Now you are faced with a lifetime to work to prepare for your next chance. Too many will waste this time, getting stoned, "Hiking!", working, etc.

jesse green said...

I wish you were my sissy and we were living together.My email is jessegreen52@gmail if you wish to talk with me. A man in Texas,Abilene Texas.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i am a sissy and have been for years.my body is hairless,i have long red currly hair and now have 38c real breast.i can pass for a woman.i injoy sex as a women and do so often.i do not dress sluty but injoy sexy.i always wear stockings of some kind, always heels.i love dress,skirts but love leggins.and yes i love cock to suck and in my sissy ass.

Anonymous said...

my 1st time dressed as a sissy out in public,i went to a adult move book store.with full make up wig black bra 38 breast forms bl garder belt bl stockings red 6in heels sheer blouse and short skirt in i went.i no sooner went when 3 men took me to the side told me to kneel down and open my mouth with i big bl cock pushed its way into my mouth.one after one i sucked all 3 and took their loads.thinking i was done i got up only to be taken to a table and my skirt removed and layed on my back with 2 men holding my leggs apart the 1st bl man put his cock in my ass and started to fuck me it hurt so much,but before i could cry out a cock was put into my mouth.i am not sure how many men i sucked or fucked that night,but i know it was more then the 1st 3 men.ilay there covered with cum all over my body and face,and running out of my ass.it took me a long time to clean up and get dressed again. it was hard to walk.a man helped to my car.not a good 1st time out for me.a oh yes the man made me suck his cock for helping me to my car.

Women leather jacket said...
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sissylora said...

I am a submissive sissy and feel I was born that way. From the early age of 6 YO I would sneak into my mothers panty draw and put them on, of course my mother knew this but said nothing. At the age of 11 YO, I remember having a crush on a high school girl. All the guys would say "I want to get into her panties" as I did, but I wanted to wear her panties. In those days, laundry was hung out on a clothes line to dry. I stole her panties, bra and a garter belt that must have belonged to her mother or older sister. After getting a pair of nylons I would but them all on under my street clothes and find a safe place to ck out some of my dirty mags and strip down and jerk off about her, and her catching me dressed in her things.

Thats when John, a singe guy moved into the first floor of my 2 family house. He was in his late fourties and he took me fishing all the time. He would also take me and my friends camping. John would buy playboy and let us drink boose at his house. Being only 12 YO I spent alot of weekends at his house and he would tell us all about sex. Promising never to tell anyone he showed me his stash of 8mm X rated stag movies which was a first for me.
John was now jerking me off as we watched these movies, he always commented on how big or sexy the guys cock was and would ask me what I thought. Shortly after I started jerking him off as well. This progressed to him giving me my very first Blow Job. I knew it was wrong but it was the most wonerfull feeling I had ever experienced. Watching a man who was over 30 years older them me on his knees doing what ever i told him to do, begging me to let him service and satisfy me took our relationship to a new level...
Now, Ever time I watched those x-rated movies I began to fantize that I was the female slut all dressed up in sexy bra, panties, garters and nylons and force to suck his cock. John was always trying to get me to suck his cock, but now all my fantisies as I jerked off, were about me being a female. So one Friday night I had John get some new x-rated movies and I went into his barthroom slipped out of my street clothes, put on some lipstick, make up and some high heels and walked into his bedroom.
He had alread had his cock out stroking it to semi-hard erection, I smiled and asked him what he thought? His cock get hard as steel and with a great big smile his asked me if this was my secret? I Noded my head yes and he told me turn around slowly, then to bend over and touch my toes..

sissylora said...

He told me to put on more lipstick and then to come over to him and knee beside the bed. He took my face into his hand and told me how pretty and sexy I was. He asked me if I liked being a sissy and dressing up like a little whore? Then he took my head and forced my mouth to his cock and told me to suck him off. As I was servicing him he told me that he would buy my a wig, very high heels and everything I needed and wanted to look completly hot and sexy. But first I must earn my reward by pleasing him. Bein my firt time he instructed me what to do. As he stared getting more and more excited, He started to call me his sissy cock sucking cunt, his sexy, slutty, whore, bitch who belongs to him! I know realized, that I was not longer the Dominate force. I knew the second I wrapped my sissy lips around his cock that this is what I wanted, to be a girl! To be dress sexy and slutty to have men ck me out, to get a hard on looking at me. To cock tease John and have John and all dominate men use me and humiliate, and verbally abuse me...

Love to hear from you and PLEASE verbally abuse and humilate me ...love

Wendygrrl said...

Very nice... thank you for sharing...

Jessica sissy cum slut said...

Awesome post I Love being a sissy also. I love it when I have a day off to try on my sissy clothes and go to the adult book store where I go into a booth and suck guys off or have them bend me over and fuck my sissy hole.

Anonymous said...

....what a lovely post and very affirming comments...it is SOOO important for us effeminate faggots to be able to come-out and show ourselves off as objects of female amusement and ridicule and then be able to revel in all the fruity erotic pleasure that comes from it...every sissy adores their humiliating pansiness and would never want to change as they know it's impossible for anyone to ever experience the extreme hardness and randiness of erections that fully indulgent sissies are able to enjoy in tight panties, stockings, heels and frilly little outfits...sometimes for hours on end...or the intensity of squirting joy as we rub our throbbing wee-wee's to climax...

Anonymous said...

Hello! This post couldn't be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this page to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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Anonymous said...

He had just lost his wife and asked me if I would try uonsome of her lingerie. I did and could see we both had erect cocks, he pushed me on his bed. He said he needed to cum in someone's mouth and said as long as I was dressed like a girl it should be mike. I was feeling very turned on in a bra and party's so I began to suck his BIG hard cock. I was surprised I could get it in my tiny mouth!
I had never swallowed a load of cum before but I loved it.now every time I go to his house he makes me dress like his wife and suck or let him fuck me. I do love the lingerie he MAKES me wear, knowing his wife wore it to please him.

Anonymous said...

That sounds so hot.my mommy and a friend of hers knew that we were a couple of sissy boys and arraigned for us to "room" together. The very first night we saw each other crossdressed (by accident ) and we went to my bedroom, as I had a king size bed. When we got there he kissed me hard the first time a guy ever kissed me. We kept making out and I could not resist touching his cock. His hand was also brushing my very erect penis in my panties and we did this for around 10 mins. I put my mouth in his lap and bagan to kiss his penis thru his panties. I got very turned on when he groaned with pleasure so I slipped the panty top dawn ans the hot erect head or his penis sort of slipped in my mouth. I stuck my hand in my own panties and jerked off as he shoved his big cock down my throat.I felt like a slut even though we were both dressed like girls. He spent the night, and the next morning before he left I dressed like a girl for him again but he wore male clothes that made me even hotter and loved his cum load on my face and chest. He also called me names and that made me cum in my panties. If u have done anything like this please tell me.i am such a sissy.

Calyin Dyol said...

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Brenda said...

There was a drive in movie theatre back in the '70's I used to drive into with male clothes over my female ones. After I parked in the back I would pull off my outer clothes and sit in panties, bra, hose, heels and dress. They were heterosexual movies but it was the best I could find. My panties always seemed to restrict my penis so I would pull it out and stroke it. One night a guy walking by saw whit I was doing and knocked on my window. He unzipped and showed the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. I had never sucked a cock before but he said I looked like a hot cunt in my girls clothes and that turned me on. I let him in my car and sucked his cock like a common street walking cunt whore. He blew cum all over my face. I was 18! Ever since sometimes I dress like a girl and I am glad I have gay friends I can visit dressed. I like to be fucked.

Brenda said...

Panties bra ans hose,, heels and silky robe, he was my first. Cheap hotel me on my knees, furling like a just plain sissy cunt. I will admit I was lucky, he was VERY good looking but he traated me like a total whore. He ripped my best panties, greased his erect cock and just shoved it up my ass with no conversation or foreplay. Talk about feeling like a cunt whore. After he came up my ass he left my hotl room with not as much as a thank you. I taped it and it was kind of brutal, I was more raped than fucked but I loved it. I like being treated like a cunt I'm finding out, want cum on my face and up my ass. Want CDs to fuck me and make me a whore. Pleasegome and make me suck you I really want cock and not just on weekends but daily.

Brenda said...

I drove Jeff's Mercedes into the back lot af the abs. I slipped off the mink he had given me and walked in wearing only a bra panties, accidentally brushing the erect cocks ok heels hose and garter belt. I walked on purpose thru thy gay mag section accidentally brushing the front of several guys browsing there. In the back room video area I went to booth 3, where I knew Jeff was on his lunch hour. He is a stockbroker, I found him with his suit pants down his large penis erect and a gay film on the screen. I walked in silently. Pulled down my panties, and silently sat on his lap, his erection slipping up my ass. We do this once a week, we both get hot at thought of his fucking me in semi public. I could see there were guys in both booths beside us. One even stuck his cock thru the glory hole, I pumped it as Jeff fuckrd me as we,watched dirty gay porn film.i climbed off and turned my face to him so Jhelum could cum on it. I wore the cum on my face as I drove hme, my panties left at the abs and my erect penis throbbing, knowing other drivers could see my naked erection and the cum on my face. I felt good because. Knew this little weekly game we play makes ,Jeff very hot and he will come home tonight and fuck the hell out of me tonight.

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to the day when I can be finished with the ongoing struggle within myself...I HATE the allure of such a lie, of fantasizing about being a girl.

Anonymous said...


Me doing transvestite role play/lip synch.

Anonymous said...

I am a 70 year old sissy who has been in diapers & dresses since childhood. In grammer school I was diapered with rubber pants and dressed in my sisters clothes after school. I had 3 sisters who were cruel and alcoholic parents. My father loved to see me in a dress. I'm not sure but I think he had sex with me and belittled me at every opportunity. My sisters would play "dress up" with me all the way into high school. By this time I had a complete lingerie outfit including bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and dresses. I put boys clothes over my lingerie and the girls and boys took turns undoing my belt leaving me standing there in girls underwear. A few of the boys were gay as they wanted me to go to their house so they could put their dick in my mouth. I never did. My mother chased me out of the house and made me sit on the front steps wearing a full outfit of girls clothes. I remember all the kids in the neighborhood all came by to look up my dress and comment on the diapers I was wearing. My sisters were only too eager to tell them I was a fairy and I wore diapers 24/7.I never tired of the arousal that consumed me every time I was touched or verbally assaulted. I wanted to remain dressed but ended up taking a hiatus from diapers & girls clothes until I served a four stint in the navy. I met a girl that seemed to want to please me so bad. I married her. Slowly I told her what turned me on. I feared she would leave me. She didn't! Instead she learned what I liked and dressed me. She brought me into our backyard where she felt me up and jacked me off. Neighbors saw us and broke into apartment hanging in my lingerie and spray painting vulgarities on the wall. The older I got even though I was married with four children, I was easy to figure out. People would glimse garter tabs under my pants and recognize the outline of my my bra. Some of them confronted me but I ignored them. I developed a medical condition that requires diapers 24/7. My children know I love dresses, nylons, high heels and a slew of other female items they know are mine. One neighbor who was a closet transvestite constantly told me "I know your secret". Both him and his wife badgered me to dress in front of them to have sex with me. They watched our apartment one weekend I'm I'm sure they found my stash along with pictures that proved it. I'm still diapered 24/7 and I wear women's clothes quite oftern. My wife masturbates me as she recounts stouries from my past! I love it!