Alright Fairies, Time to Share the Shame...

I was washing my dirty panties the other morning - you know, getting the dried cum out - and when I put them back in my panty drawer with the clean ones I was struck by a nearly overwhelming sense of disgust and humiliation. Looking down at the large dresser drawer stuffed full of satin and lace, pink and pastel, flowers and hearts, I suddenly realized that this wasn't the drawer of some guy who likes to dress up once in a while. This wasn't the drawer of some closet, heterosexual crossdresser. No, this was a faggot's drawer. Only a hopeless, sissified, down-on-his knees, cock-in-his-mouth, faggot transvestite would own as many panties as I had piled up in front of me. And when I came back to the drawer twenty minutes later after showering and shaving my legs, I almost cried as I picked out a clean pair of pink satin boyshorts with lace trim. Pink satin boyshorts with lace trim. That's the most masculine thing that's covered my laughably tiny excuse for a dick in almost ten years. God, I suck.

But you know what? So do a lot of you. A lot of sissy queers come here and read my confessions. I know it. And I bet some of you are sitting at your computers right now rubbing your loser cocks through your skirts and your panties, your high heels digging into the carpet, trying not to cum too quickly, trying not to blow your faggot's load until you can't hold it in a millisecond longer. What a bunch of losers we are. What a bunch of fairy transvestites. Hey buddy, wanna fuck that hot chick over there? No, but can I put on her dress and take it up the ass? God, we suck.

So anyway, quit being so anonymous, sissies. Quit just coming here hoping for a new post to beat off to and then leaving without contributing in any way. Do us all a favor and describe your most humiliating experience - or one of them at least - in the comments to this post. Tell the world how shitty it is to be you. And be descriptive. Try to get me off for a change.


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Anonymous said...

It had started early that day, you know the feeling that irresistable urge to wear more than just panties under your boy clothes. that unquenchable thirst for public display, to shed the costume of manhood you know you have no buisness wearing. I took an early out at work and raced home to change into the real me. After a bath and a fresh shave all over i picked out my lingerie first a pink satin with cream lace bra and string bikini panty set i lotioned my body with sparkling Victoria secret products then perfumed my wrist neck the scent matched well with the poupourie from my lingeire drawer. i dropped my cylicone breasts into the soft cups of my bra modeling my less than perfect figure. no hunky prince was gonna wisk me away romance me love me, and no women would have me either. i was only good for being a cum dump a whore for men to use to sate their most carnal urges. the kind of slut who gets covered in cum or filled in both ends the guy wipes his dick off on your dress and leaves without a word. thats what i was i accepted it everytime i painted my lips put on my mascarra and blush and dropped new condoms in my purse.
i picked a flowered dress from my closet the weather was warm and the dress was short very short it was white with pink flowers and zipped in the back. one last check of my wig and make up and i was out the door. the drive to the xxx theater was short and soon i was working up the courage to exit the car. men came and went during my 15 minutes of cowerdice. finally i have the will to move. i step from the car. its breezy my dress blows up flashing my panties to the two men having a smoke outside the tattoo shop they point and laugh as i make no attempt to push my dress down. my pathetic little prick is hard though barely noticable in the skimpy panties. i clutch my purse in my limp wristed hand and sway my hips as i walk to the door. feeling the names wash over me, fag! sissy! sperm burping faggot! i resemble them all i stop long enuf to suck my finger into my painted lips like a cock to tell them what they already know... they are right. inside the dirty book store i walk around my slutty stripper clear heels impossible to keep quiet drawing stares from men grabbing their cocks in their pants and giggles from the college age girls buying bridal gag gifts or sorority prank supplies. i open my purse to pay for the theater spilling the contents on the counter on purpouse. condoms lube the clerk mutters under his breath "faggot". i enter the theater. its dark but i know the lited spots. a dozen guys sit around the mostly empty theater, the old stage seperating the front rows of seats. i stand in the light and lift my dress revealing my panties i slowly turn around showing my sissy-ness to the room. after a few minutes i am motioned over. i sit next to the hispanic man who called to me. he puts his hand up my dress stroking my panties and my little prick. he pushes my head down to his unzipped pants. i take his cock in my mouth, all the way down committing myself to the act i feel the eyes on me others who want their turn. i suck his cock down my throat running my tongue over his balls i gag as he pushes my head down more tears form in my eyes my make up runs from it. i take it all.
another set of hands unzip my dress slideing it off my shoulders. i lift up so it can be removed. the rough hands cover my satin panties, running along the seems then striking my ass hard. i deserve it. i crave it. my ass thrusts out for more. the cock in my mouth explodes i swallow it down. licking it clean as a slut should. i say thank u as he pushes me away without a word. he leaves. the man groping my ass grabs my neck leading me out from between the rows of seats, he bends me over the stage. fumbleing for my purse i pull out the condoms and lube dropping to my knees i suck him hard enuf to put the condom on. then return to my prone position on the stage as commanded.he pulls my panties down roughly spreading my ass wide he spits on it, i wont be getting any lube. he grunts as he pushes into me i gasp tears making my make up run even more. his heavy balls slap into my small ones another stranger takes position infront of me i open to take his offering in my slutty mouth. as the film plays i am fucked. not a star or a lover just a cum slut in a dark theater he grunts again thrusting deeper into me the cock in my mouth explodes i swallow my second load he wipes his cock on my face as befor he leaves and the man fucking me pulls out dropping the cum filled condom on my as his jizz leaks out running down my crack. one by one almost all of the men in the theater use me over the next hour some quick some take their time all are rough knowing i am worthless but for this act. i pull my panties up over my cum sticky ass i look for my dress, its gone used as a rag i guess. i grab my purse and stumble out into the common area of the book store. deleriouse i head for the door as more patrons laugh and jeer throwing insults. i am numb to it all. the endorphine rush of humiliation pulsing through me. i walk to my car almost naked make up running covered in jizz. i go home park in my garage and cry. vowing to never do it again. after showering i towel off and open my dresser drawer. in there is nothing but ladies panties. i exhale slow. i step into the ivory satin and lace panties i have picked, knowing what i am. knowing its only a matter of time till i amused again. i am a sissy cum slut. and i always will be.

Humiliated Transvestite said...

Good job loser. But Jesus Christ, that wasn't humiliating so much as completely and utterly pathetic. You're far worse than me. I would never do that. Are you sure you aren't a homo straight up? What a fairy faggot! I bet your parents are really proud of their blow-job-queen son!!

So who's next? You don't have to have done anything that gay to qualify... I'd like to hear about experiences with women too...

qqq said...

I don't have any stories like that, but I do love your blog. It tells it like it is, without the psuedo-philosophical bullshit and bad psychoanalysis.

I've not really had a chance to delve down this road for too long yet. Not had the chance to live on my own and experiment, but boy can I feel its pull.

Humiliated Transvestite said...

Thanks for your praise QQQ. I take it that you are young and still in school and/or living with your parents. I know how frustrating that can be. In a way though, I feel sad for you. Your whole life is ahead of you, but it will soon become a pathetic waste of sissiness and transvestism. Your unfulfilled sicko fantasies will soon end in complete and total humiliation and disgrace. Ha ha! You're completely screwed, just like me!!! Dreaming of being able to wear a negligee to bed every night? Of shaving your legs? Of wearing high heeled boots and tight, clingy black women's pants at the mall? Panties everyday? Take it from a loser like me, if there was a way to reverse course, to undo your certain destiny, you should seize it in a heartbeat. But, sadly sissikins, there's not. Soon you'll be a perverted, loser, fairy, full-fledged, hopeless transvestite - just like me. Good job! Congratulations pussy!!! Welcome to the club of sissy faggotry!!! Here's your members-only butt plug. Why don't you shove it up your ass before you go try on high heels at the mall?

How about this queerbait, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself (ie not living alone) and about your pathetic fantasies of "experimenting" once you have the chance? Tell us how badly you want the pathetic, humiliating existence that awaits you. Tell us about your true, sicko fantasies that no real man would ever, ever have.

sissyslutalexis said...

i have been to the adult bookstores and serviced real men while dressed....under the tutilage of a mistress i was commanded not to wear any makeup or wig so that all would know i was a little sissy slut dressed in a little tight skirt panties and tight top....seeing as how i cannot pass as a real woman (yet...trying to learn but far from it....) i have to enter the bookstores wearing a trenchcoat....then service all the men i can with my sissy mouth while my sissy hole is pluged with a large butt plug....

Compulsive said...


Shit shit shit

You have me down to a tee

I too, share those fantasies. I too, am totally, irreversibly doomed.

Like qqq I have not explored this side of my life other than coming to sites such as this and wanking along to the degredation and humiliation.

You so accurately describe the plight - and you so damningly turn me on...

Yes I want to wear high heeled boots and tight clingy boot cut pants that places my inviting ass 'on-view' while I mince around limp wristedly shopping for 'shoes'.

I want that feel of a lacy skimpy thong riding up the crack of my ass making me constantly aware of the sensation whilst the pants cling to every shape and curve of my leg...the bootcut giving me that 'oh-so' feminine look..

I walk with a handbag in the crook of my girlishly exposed arms stook out in a mincing gait...I have no pockets to hide myself in..the pants and heels force me to wear my arms high...everyone can see my pink painted nails as the nails stick out as an advert saying 'LOOK AT THIS SISSY' whilst the multiple rings and multiple bracelets that clank together warning everyone of my approach (as if they needed warning since the heels echo throughout the entire mall turning every head.

and..oh god..the pants.. I have to tuck myself in to wear them and everyone can see that I don't have anything 'down there'...it's just a flat V shape...I can't walk and flaunt my masculine male appendage...no, I have to walk around with my fanny clearly on display whilst keeping my knees and legs together.

But, perhaps HT, I am the ultimate sissy here - for I am unable to fulfill any of these desires - I do not dress..nor do I even own any female clothes - I seem to be destined for a life alone as an unfulfilled sissy posing as an intelligent upstanding male with a proserous future yet my real desires would have me as a mincing sissy airhead secretary in a tight pencil skirt with big hoopy earrings, an inability to think about anything other than filing my nails and soap opera's and a buttplug up my ass.

Oh god why me..No man would ever desire this...why does this have to be me! What did I do wrong? Why can't I be a real man? Not this faggoty sissy :(

Humiliated Transvestite said...

I like your post compulsive. I salute your accurate self-perception. As you rightly lament, you are a loser faggot freak. I'm sure your parents are proud to have raised such a gay-ass transvestite for a son. But you are COMPLETELY wrong when you suggest you might be the biggest sissy here because you're too much of a pussy to live out any of your fantasies. Real sissies don't dream about wearing high heels in public. Real sissies don't wish they shaved their legs and wore panties every day. Real sissies don't imagine what's it's like to be gawked and snickered at in public. Real sissies actually do these things. The biggest sissies here know firsthand the profound shame of being the fag who asks to try on 4-inch stilettos at the mall. Real sissies know the humiliation of asking to try on a dress in a women's clothing store. Real sissies have accepted their true pathetic transvestism and all the humiliation that rightly comes with it.

I will give a piece of advice. In time you will become as big a queer as me. You know this. I'm sorry for you, just as I'm sorry for myself. We are complete losers. But what you don't know is that you will regret not acting out your fantasies sooner. Trust me - and I started young - every sissyboy transvestite ends up wishing he's been a bigger pussy sooner. You will too. So do yourself a favor and quit denying who you are. You're a pathetic, humiliated transvestite. So start acting like one.

Now who's next? How about some shopping humiliations. Those really get my panties wet.

sissy gina said...

I must confess that I too am a total femme sissy faggot. At least half the clothes I wear at any time are women's, including at work. I own only women's panties, hose and shoes, and have a huge wardrobe of dresses and accessories.

I go to the gym wearing only women's clothing. The other day I went into the men's locker room dressed entirely in women's casual attire and changed into my girl's gym attire. I overheard some guy saying I was a queer, because I wear pink girls gym attire, delicate jewelry, pink watch, and pink lipstick at the gym. i guess I know what kind of image I present there.

Sometimes I shop as an effeminately dressed male, too.

Lately Miss D directed me to present myself as a sissy in a little girls's dress with petticoat in public. I did this and went to fetish stores, a gay club, and Walmart. I found it profondly humiliating especially since I stand out from the crowd dressed like this. I am now told I must do this more regularly and present myself as a sissy.

I do love your blog. We are both such fairies.

sissy gina

Anonymous said...

OK Stacy, let's see how this strikes you. Back in high school, my first girlfriend (she was a Senior, I was a Junior)was a really open-minded and giving type. Although my crossdressing desires didn't particularly turn her on, she was always game for letting me dress up in her, her sister's and her mother's clothes when no one else was home. I can't tell you how many times she jacked me off when I was all dolled up.

She went off to school in Texas (we both lived in Missouri)and soon after broke up - she left me for someone else. After the initial hurt passed, we remained friends and even got together when she was home for Holiday breaks. Believe it or not, she still was OK with me dressing up at her parents house when we were alone. One night, she was even talking on the phone with her new boyfriend when I came sashaying out of her parent's bedroom wearing her mother's suntan hose, bra, panties, best dress and a pair of maribou slippers. As she continued her conversation, I slipped into her bedroom, laid down on the bed and stroked my sissy dick to a magnificent orgasm while admiring my hosed feet in the maribou slippers. Isn't that just pathetic? - jacking off in your ex-girlfriend's mother's clothes while your ex-girlfriend talks to her new guy. Looking back, I still can't believe she was cool enough to allow me to do it and just how sick I was to get off on it.

After we both got out of college, she actually wanted to get back together with me but I didn't pursue it. Too bad, no other woman (including my wife) has ever accepted my desires even remotely close to this. In all honesty, if we'd gotten married, I bet I could have actually lived out some pretty amazing fantasies, such as serving the wife and the mother-in-law as a sissy maid (her mother is really freaky and sexually open, and probably would have gotten a kick out of bossing the son-in-law around). Water under the bridge now, but something I still fantasize about.

Humiliated Transvestite said...

Nice posts queers. Let's keep 'em coming! And for all you wankers that never post - which is most of you losers - try to be honset with yourself for just once in your pathetic life and tell us all what a humiliated sissyboy loser you really are. C'mon. Don't be such pussies. We're all fairy transvestites here!

Anonymous said...

my ex GF called me today, she wanted to go shopping with her ex BF turned sissy cumslut faggot. she told me to dress like a cheap slut, so i did as i was told. i wore a white satin and lace bra and matching g string, then put a satin top pant over the g string the ruffled bottom on the tap panty was cute and made my butt look rounder i then got a satin cami with lace trim and put a sheer pink poet blouse over it then i picked out a very short flared jean skirt and pink belt whate thigh hi's then 4 inch pink leather ankle strap pumps. i finished it off with a silver chain collar and big gawdy ear rings and bangles on my wrist.
i took a cab to the mall across town and meet her in the parking lot. she stepped out of her bmw coupe i remembered why i had been her slave. tall and leggy her dark black hair fluttered in the breeze. she wore a short black dress and heels her perfect legs and ass displayed as she leaned back in for her purse. i reached her as she closed the door of her car, i almost creamed my panties as her ample breasts heaved in the constraints of her black lacy bra. She had brought a friend along to show me too, equally attractive she wore a beige flared skirt black hose and a tight low cut cashmere blouse that did nothing to hide her large breasts. my EX snapped her fingers and pointed without a sound i dropped to my knees and kissed her on the tips of her shoes. my skirt blew up as i knelt giving the other girl a clear view of my pretty panties."what a fucking faggot sissy! U were so not kidding! no wonder u dumped his pathetic ass!" she ran the toe of her shoe down my ass crask to my sissy clit giving it a quick jab causing me to moan out loud. " thats not the worst reason! reach down give its clitty a squeeze!" her friend obliged and laffed out loud " its so tiny it doesnt even have to tuck in those dainty panties!" after paying proper hommage to my EX we went shopping i followed closly behind carrying thier purses and purcheses. i watched as the real men hit on them and they toyed with them. getting numbers and gifts from strangers hoping to score. my EX never missed an opportunity to point out to a sales girl, or stud that i was a worthless sissy faggot even lifting my skirt on several occasions to humiliate me further.

after shopping they went a couple blocks to a dark corner bar. "wanna have some fun?! my EX asked her friend. "absolutly!"
The bar was filled with rough handsome college age but definatly not colledge bound blue collar types, every cock hardend as they danced with each other sipping their martinis. after about 20 minutes i was told to follow them to the bathroom they had 2 hunks in tow. once in the back room i was ordered to my bra and panties i did as i was told. then knelt as i was expected.
the to studs groped and fondled the girls as i watched my EX tokk off her black lace thong. "hold my panties faggot, and hers too!" she pointed to her friend who held out her red satin g string. the guys were rock hard at the thought of fucking these 2 beauties bud my EX made me fluff them any way. " u had better be licking ass while they fuck us! u faggot bitch! my EX said as she moaned at the entry of her lovers cock.
For the next twenty minutes i was busy alternating between both sets of lovers doing my duty as ass licker to both the men and the girls. both women had several very powerful orgasms at the licking and fucking they were getting. The guys came within minutes of each other filling they pussies with potent amounts of cum. after they pulled out my EX commanded that i clean they guys cocks with my mouth, i slurped at the mixture of cum and licked them as clean as i could, then at the silent order licked both girls clean, dipping my tongue deep into thier pussies to clean them of the cum left by the studs. after putting their panties back on i stood and placed my hands behind me as my EX requested. She pulled my tap panties down so my clitty was visible in my satin g string "watch this! its so pathetic!" with her thumb and index finger she stroked my clit through my satin panties. i tried so hard to last longer than normal but it was no use i exploded my sissy jizz in my panties in about 20 seconds. they laffed loud as i stood in my wet panties and drying cum on my face. i was pathetic and not worthy of having a penis at all. " see ya later loser!" my EX said as they all left the room i hurried to dress but was to late by the time i ran out the bar blouse unbuttoned holding my skirt up. i walked back to my car.

Penisa said...

Your words, Anon:
i took a cab to the mall across town and meet her in the parking lot. AND i walked back to my car.

Hot slutty broads do not 2nd date straight men without being satisfied sexually.

Enlighten me with comment or silence.

Anonymous said...

enlightenment for penisa,
my car was at a parking facility here as at time it is just easier to cab it around town. U see i live quite a ways outside of our city center here. i walk back due to the fact that i had mis judged my funds and wasnt sure i had enuf to get a cab. very poor managment i know but quite common for a bimbo slut like me.
and your right hot slutty girls dont date sissies like me,the reason she dumped me upon realizing i was a sissy not just a panty fetishist, however her Dominate side still loves to humiliate and degrade me a few times a year.
i have had the opportunity to date several really fine Ladies when i have purged my wardrobe and tried to ignore who i am. in the end though i always wind up back in my panties and dresses. this particular ex is somewhat of a sadist and pops back into this sissies life on occasion. i deserve to be nothing more than her bitch.

Penisa said...

Hello again, Anony:

Sorry, but my Penisa side can--at times--be a real bitch.

I had a choice in my 20's to be both the male or female in gay relationships--as well as straight ones. I have a very pronounced female side, and I used it on women--like they do on men.

That established, I have always wondered about the path not chosen.
Chosen, not regretted. My choice was a correct one. I am big boned, and would not pass for an attractive woman. Face wise, I had a shot. I have a severe gag reaction, and a very sensitive fuck hole.

Sites likes this one answer questions, like what is involved and required to dress like a woman.

Relationship-oriented women can date without sex for quite a while, and wait awhile before jumping in bed.

I've gotten the impression that guys with a lot less than average size members have a problem in bed with women. The impression comes from those guys who are so-called short. Hot sluts are ready for 1st date sex.

How did you get past the first date with a hot slut, not the other type of girl?

Non-starter formula: Hot slut & a small penis with male appearance and actions.

One-way oral action and/or a dildo?
She wasn't a slut when you meet her? You exaggerate the smallness of your organ to down yourself?

I'm an older guy from '69 in San Francisco during a one-year period.
I don't doubt you, but how did you pull it off. I've been wrong plenty of times. Bitchy too. No bitchy options, this time, to receive a response.

Sissy Megan said...

my "Sissy Epiphany" was after calling a guy who had an ad on craigslist. He was looking for volunteers to be strapped into his "magic seat" and have their ass licked. I thought to myself my god you are a whore. To call a complete stranger and beg to be licked like a lollipop.
p.s. to cut down on anonymous comments I think you can change the settings on your blog to only accept non-anonymous comments

Anonymous said...

its not hard to believe that there are so MANY sissy faggot males, my life is one of complete and total humiliation. i think they world would be better off if more "males" admitted that they were transvestites and needed to be humiliated. thats just my opinion, but i am a stupid, blonde sissy fag, so..........

Anonymous said...

i agree with you pansy faggot, at least 10 percent of men have admitted to tg or sissy fetishes or desires. i know i am just as guilty as we all are about hiding my true self. i would so love to dress and act as a sissy bimbo in every aspect of my life, at work and everyplace really. i also fantazize about having specific roles for me as a sissy when i interact with the public like i have to curtsy to real girls and masculine men. i have to take a 2nd citezen role in public like sitting in the back of a bus or being made by law to pleasure men on command ( public slut) i could never say no to a man ordering me to suck his cock or drop my panties for his pleasure. or a woman who neede her pussy licked. or for it to be legal to publicly humiliate me for my tiny cock and my sissy clothes. but alas i am much to chicken shit to go girly full time so i must be content with being a closet sissy fag. i just wanted to say tho that i agree with u totally and dream of the same things. great post pansy faggot.

young asian cutie said...

haha! yes! excellent way of putting it HT! Thanks for letting so many of us live vicariously through you!

Penisa said...

To Hum Tee:

You keep checking back here for a new pleasure-yourself reason. You crave humiliation, but you remain nameless and faceless.

Are you as cute as your hand selected sisters? Humiliate yourself without hiding. A picture of you as a tranny, a man or a sissy. A name, a body part photo, a location.

You get to humiliate yourself, get off. We get something new, a new you.

Do you have the balls or are you a pussy?

Anonymous said...

I have admit that I play with my breast and nipples whenever I read your blog.
I find that turns me on more than stoking that thing between my legs. In fact when I have the time I enjoy using a vibrating dildo on myself and playing with nipples more than anything else. It will dribble cum out.

Anonymous said...

Humiliated Transvstite, have you ever thought how helpful your fucking honesty is?

Keep going, honey. Some of us need to hear where you are before we can even dip are toes in the water.

Anonymous said...

I have many stories, but one of the most humiliating involved being taken shopping. I was visiting Nashville, TN and had already done a couple public sessions with an escort named Renee. Renee was a friend of a female friend down there who knew my situation. We had done some shopping and public embarrassment things, but this night took the cake. This was about 10 years ago, and it was a couple nights before Halloween. First I called a store (I think it was called Fashion Cents) and asked if I could try on girls clothes because my girlfriend was making me dress up. The clerk I talked to was very enthusiastic about it and told me to come in and they would be happy to help.

I was wearing back-zip jeans and platform sneakers and a slightly feminine top. When we walked into the store, I stood there sheepishly while Renee went straight to the counter and told the girls who we were. THREE of the clerks walked out with Renee, and they were smiling. Renee told them I needed a short dress, something kinda slutty. One of the girls noticed my jeans and pointed the back zipper out to the other clerks. They thought it was funny and sweet at the same time that I would wear what my "girlfriend" told me to wear.

Renee had with her a bag of underwear and shoes, etc. When we found a couple dresses that would work, one of the clerks pointed us to the fitting rooms. Before we went in, Renee started pulling out the various items in the bag so all could see. "Here's your bra. Here's your pantyhose. Here's your panties. Here's your high heels." etc. in a voice loud enough to be heard by the others. Standing about ten feet behind her is one of the clerks taking this all in and smiling ear to ear. My face was red hot.

We went into the fitting room and Renee had me put on all my underwear while she laughed and called me a sissy, again loud enough that I'm sure the other girls in the store could hear. She would laugh and say things like, "Oh my GOD! Looks like you ENJOY wearing panties!" I could hear them giggling outside.

Renee had me step outside of the fitting room so they could see me in this micro-mini strech dress. They loved how my shaved legs looked in my pantyhose and high heels. She had me put on a short denim skirt with a very sheer blouse and then she paraded me around the store looking for other things. I was acting embarrassed and trying to cover my front so my lace bra didn't look so obvious. By this time there were other young women in the store and they were staring, grinning and giggling. I was totally humiliated and totally turned on.

Back in the dressing room, Renee thought up something that would make the whole scene even more embarrassing. She took one of the dresses to the counter and asked them to the remove the tags because she was going to have me pay for it and wear it out of the store. She said she was taking me over to her girlfriend's house.

She came back and handed me the dress. She gave me my wallet and bundled up all my other clothes and walked out. I acted shocked that she was doing this to me and protested. She just said in a loud voice, "Pay for your dress, and let's go!" Then she walked out of the store.

I waited in the fitting room for a minute or so looking at myself in the mirror. Here was this sissy wearing girl clothes, nylons and heels. No wig. No makeup. Just a pathetic sissy. I sheepishly walked out of the fitting with all the clerks and some of the customers grinning. My hands were shaking as I handed the clerk at the counter my money. She was saying that she wanted to dress up her boyfriend sometime. A very attractive woman customer at the counter gave me a very condescending smile and said, "It sucks to be you, doesn't it?!" I just said, yes, and she laughed.

As I walked to the door, I was saying, "I can't go out like this!" About that time, two teenage girls walked in. Both stopped in their tracks, looked at me, and laughed. One of the clerks was at the door, and asked me why my girlfriend was making me do this. I sheepishly said, "She caught me trying on her panties a couple times." The girl said, "Well, then, you deserved this. Shame on you!"

As I hit the door, one of the clerks called out, "Come again!" She didn't know how close she was to the truth.

The store was in a strip mall. I made a bee line for my car, where Renee was waiting laughing her ass off. I heard some laughing and an "OH my God!" behind me as I tried to run in my high heels. By the time we got in the car, I was on fire with embarrassment. She drove and kept telling me what a sissy I was and how all the cute young clerks and women in the store knew what a sissy boy I was. I pulled down my pantyhose and panties and started wanking while she said, "That's right, stroke your little clitty for me, sissy fag! Moan and cum like a girl for me. Let me hear your cum like a girl. Cum in your hand so I can watch you lick up your little messy for me!" I whimpered and cried and dribbled into the palm of my hand. Renee quickly commanded me to lick up every last drop while she called me a loser. I was drained and totally humiliated.

This was the most DELICIOUSLY huiliating things that ever happened to me. I still get off re-living it.


Anonymous said...


It hits me right where I crawl.

A few years back I was with a BBW friend in Atlanta who owned a cosmetics company that catered to sissies. We went to a mall, to the Stila counter at Nordstrom's, and she asked the makeup artist, a gay man, to help me with shades of foundation. After he selected one for me, she asked if he'd show me how to apply it evenly.

Then, with curious shoppers casting glances at us, she asked him to help me select some eye makeup and lip gloss to go with the foundation. We went through several combinations, until we found some slutty purple/grape shades that she liked.

At the conclusion of the impromptu session I stood there, in the middle of the mall, in broad daylight, in full makeup, with male clothing and short hair. She told me the only appropriate thing was to put on heels...so we walked to the shoe department, and picked out some pumps, as an increasing number of shoppers gawked.

In my new stilettos I wiggled to the parking lot, and she drove me to the appropriately named Dragon Lady nails for a pedicure and manicure.

When the proprietor, a Korean lady, said I'd need to take off my long pants to have my feet properly pampered, my friend pulled out some pearl hot pants, and made me change in full view of the staff...revealing my lacy panties, of course, as I did so.

The proprietor told me how lucky I was to have someone who knew how to treat a sissy like me - making me wonder if I'd been set up... she and my friend continued to humiliate me as I waited for my nails to dry - they spoke fairly openly about how to use a sissy, and one of the technicians pointed out the absence of a male bulge in my hot pants.

That night she took me to a gay bar and made me dance with any guy who asked me. There were several...

God, I'm a pansy...

Humiliated Transvestite said...

Those are great posts! I absolutely love the shopping trip story!!! That is so hot. I love shopping humiliation. Sucks to be you. Sucks to me me. Sucks to be us! That should be this blog's motto. I'm going to spew in my panties right now.

Hopefully a new post or two from me soon.

Anonymous said...

OK, I had this posted on another page, but I don't know if it was noticed, so I hope you'll forgive my re-posting it here...

My attempts at public humiliation go back to when I was in my late teens. I would wear a bra under my shirt, but I was terrified that someone would notice. Then I wanted someone to know. I had a padded bra that I bought from Frederick's. I wore it with a very tight sweater, and you could see the bra through it. I walked through a grocery store late one night right past two college girls. They giggled, and then got a little scared. I left.

My next step was to wear Chic jeans in public. I would wear a jacket or sweater so I could cover the yellow stiched logo on the right back pocket. I would cruise shopping malls and try to get in front of a group of high school girls. Then I would let the jacket ride up and hope they would notice the fact that I was wearing girls jeans. When they did, I would hear them whispering to each other, giggling and sometimes laughing out loud. Once, two girls followed me around the mall for quite some time. They knew what a little sissy faggot I was, and they were having a good time watching my tight ass in those pants.

Trouble is, even the Chic jeans didn't get enough attention. But then back-zip jeans came into fashion, and I bought as many pair as I could find. Now THAT got attention, and girls would get hysterical when they saw a little sissy walking around in back zip bell-bottom jeans. I'd either wear platform sneakers or some other kind of obviously feminine shoes. My face would get so hot once I knew they knew. I can still hear some of the comments ringing in my ears.

Young, hot girls can get really cruel in a group when they know they have the upper hand over a complete loser.

More public humiliations to come.


Still Compulsive said...

Hum Tee (what a great name someone else came up with...so very apt)

Still waiting patiently for your next post... it's been a while...I check this site..once a day..sometimes more

I need my Huniliated Transvestite fix!!!!!

Still Compulsive said...

Hum Tee (what a great name someone else came up with...so very apt)

Still waiting patiently for your next post... it's been a while...I check this site..once a day..sometimes more

I need my Humiliated Transvestite fix!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful blog, girl, sweet and humiliating and utterly arousing even for us, who are miles away from the shopping malls of the US, but would like little more than to tease and to humilate you and to have you serve us. (By the way, "Hum Tee" has a nice ring to it -- sort of like Humbert Humbert coupled with that last consonant in "Lolita." You get both the lewdness and the innocence; sweet and devlish at once.) In any event, take it from somebody who adores prancing sissy girls, but is himself comfortably male and hetero: what you are up to may be socially inconvenient, to put it mildly, but you're really only hurting your own standing (while getting painfully excited), so where's the harm? Having to wash the cum out of your prissy panties, hot-cheeked and still excited, seems a worthy punishment. In fact I'd say that any man with more than cotton for brains should be impressed by your honesty and naughtiness. And, yes, even that: aroused. Respect.


Anonymous said...

A followup to my OMG post above. Being a pansy sissy whore isn't something you can hide for long.

Here's my latest, most pathetic, proof.

The other day I was in the city, on the west side, and had a few hours between appointments, because of a last minute cancellation.

I couldn't resist the adult DVD emporium - I knew it had large slots between the viewing booths, large enough for unique communication between those who came there for more than just a hot look at some on screen activity.

I found a booth and chose a movie in which two women were humiliating a sissy like me, and began to touch myself, undoing my male disguise trousers to reveal my frilly, ruffled panties.

Only moments later, male equipment much larger than my puny toy appeared through the slot, demanding my attention. I teased the rapidly growing rod to its full length, only to have it withdrawn - much to my surprise.

Then it reappeared, sheathed in rubber.

It was an impossible to refuse lure, and like a starving whore, I dove onto it, sucking it deeply, surrounding it and working it furiously. I knew that this is all sissy girls like me are good for, providing pleasure to real men and those women who have unique tastes.

Sucking the hard cock made me feel so deliciously and pervertedly femme. I knew I couldn't stop until I had fully satisfied it.

With my lips and tongue slavering over the steely shaft,, for the first time, I heard its owner's voice, "I want to fuck your ass. Let me feel it."

I stood, and turned, as his hands reached through to pull me closer. I knew the confession of sissy faggotry I was making, standing there in the dark, dressed in my frills.

His hands touched the ruffled nylon panties, and...suddenly... disappeared.

I was rejected, left begging for more by a man who wanted another real man, not a sissy faggot like me.

I'm sure he told the clerk, because I got a really disgusted look from him as I walked out, avoiding looking right at anyone in my shame.

That's bad...but here's what's worse. I'm going back for more. Today.

Wearing my panties, of course...but this time with a tube of lipstick, and a bra.


Anonymous said...

Thank you HT. I have JUST discovered that i like shopping humiliation (I mean, like in the past week) I find your confessions inspirational, which makes me automatically pathetic. I am in no way at your level, but the way I am going, it is a matter of time.

I am in no way qualified to post any experiences on your blog, but the beginnings of my experiments in shopping humiliation are in my blog, but compared to your blog and others, reading it would be a waste of time.

Thank you, HT

sissy Cecilia said...

Dear humiliated:

Good move. You got me to create an account here and tell my story. And of course I must thank you for your great blogs. I do not remember how I ever ended up at your blog because I do not spend too much time at my computer. But YOU more than anyone are responsible for turning me into a no-turning back sissy. Before reading your blog I had never worn panties. I now wear them every night and sleep in my fem robes. I have a closet full of skirts and heels and pretty blouses. I have shopped for clothes and I am familiar with the humiliation and thrills of shopping. And I owe it mostly to you. This is only the second time checking out your blog and it is only getting better. I am one of those very lucky sissies in that my girlfriend has totally accepted it and she has instructed me I shall never be with a man and she will in turn fulfill my every fantasy. Now she dolls me up and takes me out as her girl. When we get home she usually has me go down on her for a long time. When she is totally satisfied then she sucks my clitty dick while telling me what a good slutty girl I am. She usually has me keep my heels on as well as my bra and skirt. Then she rips out her strap-on and really gives it to me. She makes me moan and scream till I cannot go anymore. I just cannot believe sex could ever be so great. I am a very happy sissy, indeed. So all in the sissy world is not so sad and so full of shame. I am learning to accept it as part of me and actually liking myself like this. Maybe I should have written earlier about the humiliation I went through before learning to accept myself. But anyway I am doing it now. I promise to later write about some of these experiences.

your faithful admirer and devotee

Sissy Cecilia

sissy nichole said...

i so wish HT would update this blog i love it so much and am inspired to be more of a pathetic sissy from it, like yesterday i was at store dresses in pink low rise jeans and my silky g string showing all slutty my little peasent blouse was see thru and my pink bra was showing when a clerk a very hot guy was pointing me out to the other clerks and customers as i broused the dress racks and lingiere dept. he was obviously one of a few gay emloyees at the retail store and when i went to try on my outfits i was met in the dressing room by the first of 3 guys who used me like the slut i am. i swalloed the first ones cum then the second and the 3rd not satisified with my tired mout used my sissy pussy. i left the store quite disheveled getting many giggles and laffs. i love being a sissy!

pinksissy said...

im going to start by say i've never humiliated myself as much as some of you but im sure i will... My first humiliating exprence was when my stepdad found a bag of some panties and stockings i had stole off my mom, well most of them i'd stole off my mom. I came back home one day to find the bag had gone and i knew he had been in there cleaning, i did'nt know what to do but i promised myself i would wear panties again! well that did'nt last long and about a month later i was shaving my legs n buying my own panties n stockings. so about a year ago we had a family get together and i was smoking a fag out of the window, looking in a shoebox for some pictures to show my cousin, anyway in that box was a crossdressers catalog which some droped out the window, i was very drunk, i tryed to run down stairs and get it but my uncle had already picked it up and was laughing at me. Whenever i see him now he calls me ladyboy and im not sure who hes told because none of my family has ever just asked me are you a crossdressing sissy, probably scared i will tell the truth. next was my 21st birthday, me and a couple of lads went away but before we went i went shopping for some new panties and also got some knee high stockings. That night i went out wearing them under my clothes my mates had no idea. We got very drunk and ended up in a broffel which my mate said he would pay, so a beautiful women lead me to a room and told me to strip! ofcouse when i did she saw i was wearing the panties and stockings, as she saw them i thought what the hell and asked her if she'd fuck me, she pulled out a dildo and told me to suck it while she just goes and get something... she came back with a maids outfit and told me to put it on, so i did and she fucked my ass for a good half an hour! we got back to the hotel and the guys were talking about how they got sucked off and that they fucked the hell outta that bitch and thats when i knew the a fact i was always going to be a sissy slut. We all fell to sleep me still wear my panties. I was the last one to wake up and later that day my mate showed my a picture of me asleep and you could the pink ribbon on the black panties i was wearing! i told him they were the girls from last night and that she gave them to me! still don't know wether he believed me. to finish up i did stop wear panties again and threw out all i had until a couple of months ago when i got drunk and went to a 24-7 supermarket where they sell clothes i ended up replacing all i threw away and even went back to the shop 10mins later when i realised i'd for got stockings! now i'm seeing a girl and try to stop myself wearing these things but everychance i get i still do! its just a matter of time till i'm sucking off men in sex shops!

Anonymous said...

Well I am a total sissy, fairy, queer, faggot loser! I wear the most feminine of lingerie and have lots of public profiles were I am dressed up like a cheap slut posing for teenage lads and guys in their 20's. I've been fucked in the face by lads half my age and made to pose on web cam for them. I've been covered in cum, made to dress like a teenage boy's wet dream and called every name under the sun! I wear perfume every day, lots of lingerie and have my bedroom decorated like a teen girl with sexy guy posters everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Some sissies recently posted ideas about flying as a sissy. These stories inspired me to do the following:

I was recently away at a conference with long layovers in Cincinnati and Atlanta. I could not travel enfemme because I was being picked up and dropped off by people from work. So I packed my femme things so that I could change in the air. As in turned out I did not change in the air, but as soon as I landed I made a bee line for the restroom. Here's what I wore:

I tucked my little "you-know", put on pantyhose, panties, girlie flare jeans. I also wore a bra with a little padding, a girlie sweater and girlie flip-flops. For jewelry I wore earrings (diamond studs), neckless, women's watch, a toe ring, and a bracelet. I checked my bags, so all I had was an androgynous shoulder bag. I put on a little lipstick and a hint of foundation.

I walked around the airport for a couple of hours and got something to eat. The airport had some fun stores with women's clothes which I checked out. The best time I had was at the Vera Bradley store> I went in and the cute, perky assistant gave me a big "knowing" smile. I purchased a little purse and she catched with me about how cute the design was. While I was there I asked if I she could cut the tag so that I could transfer the contents of my wallet into my new purse. She readily helped me. We chatted some more and she tried to sell me one of their hats (she made me try it on to see if it was cute.)

After buying the purse I walked over to starbucks and used the purse to buy a latte. The girl at the counter smirked when she saw me pull out a red (with floral patterns) VB purse. I then walked to a bookstore and purchased the latest issue of Seventeen

As I walked away (in mincing) sissy steps, I went passed a group of girls who smiled broadly. But the best response was from a group of really cute stewardesses. One of them looked up and down at me, sizing up my clothing, rolled her eyes, gave me a big smirk and tossed her head...

That just made my day!!!!

BettyBrooks said...

The desire to be a gurl goes back sooooooo far. From at least the age of five, when I was playing outside with a toddler boy whose mom had painted his fingernails. I went inside to my mom and kept asking until she painted mine too; her explainations that I was "too old" for that just wouldn't do. Then the dressing up in my sister's bathing suits and bras. I let off that for awhile, imagining that I could be a "real man" if I chose, but others knew the real me. In my Freshman year in college someone marked on my door "X, you are a buttfucker." So nasty; it really hurt at the time.

But now, now that I understand who I am and accept it, I am coming into many queer realizations: that I now crave recognition as a fag and the fag-haters are great at calling me the names I now WANT to hear. Once, when I was naked in a sling in a gay adult theatre's second-floor play area, wearing only my wig, several guys came up in the semi-dark. I could tell pretty quickly that they were not fellow gays/bi's. They were straights who were in to look at the fags. Their laughter at me came in bursts and snorts, and one of them pushed me so that I rocked in the sling.

You know what I learned then? That sissy fags like me crave humiliation, because for as long as those guys were there snickering I got really hard! I'm really hard right now, remembering.

Hard, knowing that I crave more humilation and will seek it out whenever I can get it.

Anonymous said...

I am new here but hope to post my own blog soon. Of all the blogs here yours is the most accurate as to what I feel.
Like today for example. On my way home from work I stopped by the boat ramp at the lake were there is a public restroom with a glory hole. I changed into my carry on sissy clothes that I keep in my truck (yes I'm that pathetic)!Hot Pink fishnet stockings, Hot pink spandex mini skirt, Hot pink spandex bra, sheer white half shirt, and hot pink spandex tie top, with purple spandex half back panties and 3" heels! And I can't forget the cherry red lipstick! I can be very passable but that was not my goal today!!! Sometimes I even wear a wig, but not today!!!
I parked about 50 yards away from the restroom and forced my-self to PRANCE from my truck all the way there!!!
Does this sound like something any self respecting person would do???
I don't understand why I do it. I just can't stop myself. Each time I tell myself that this is the last time and I will never do it again but here I am doing it again....
When I reach the doorway I stoped and turned to make sure that everyone neer by could see me and then walked it. I went into the stall with the glory hole and left the door unlocked so that if anyone accidentally opened it they would see me playing with my sorry excuse for a dick dressed in my sissy fag drag!
To my misfortune, no one came in at all!!! Not in the 45 minutes that I was there. So I ended up playing with my little thing till I came down my leg.
Now if that sounds humiliating...that's nothing.
Next came the walk of shame!!!!
A truck with a boat had pulled in between my truck and the restroom and now I had to get back to my truck so I could go home!!!
I couldn't stay in there any longer so I had to walk out and right past the truck to get out of there.
There was two young guys and 3 very hot girls. They all looked like they were in there early twenties. When I started twords them they all stopped what they were doing and stared at me! All I could do was drop my head and walk faster. They started laughing calling me names and saying things like "little cock sucker". Then one of the girls stepped right out in front of me stopping me in my tracks lifted up her shirt showing me her beautifull perky titts and said "I bet you wish you had titts like this don't you you little sissy boy" then grabbing her own crotch she said "and this too but the best you can get is a cock in your ass right fag boy" by this time she was yelling loud enough for everyone in the parking lot to here her!!!
I ran around her and to my truck (at least as best I COULD IN 3" heels, jumped in and drove away feeling totaly humiliated cursing myself for being such a little faggot, yet knowing that what she said was true. Then promising myself that I would never do that again!!! But here I sit as I write this getting excitted about what she said to me and thinking of going there again tomarrow!!!
How pathetic am I???!!!

lucille said...

Hi my name is Lucy. I am very interested in the comments I have read so far. I am a committed transvestite and have been dressing for up for almost 40 years.

The process of transvestisism, no matter how sophisticted always involves an element of SHAME. This is in fact a very large part of the attraction for the TV. Sure he may love the sensuous feel of silk, adore the sight of high heels and go into raptures at the clickety clack they make. But the element of shame is what he really craves.

I too have enjoyed public humiliation through shopping trips as described in some of the posts. I recall a time when a lady whom I had hired made me try on ladies shoes in a shop and mince around in them. The lady shop assistants could hardly keep a straight face.

Very receently I went into a small shoe shop, I was alone and in smart male attire. I asked to try on a pair of high heel scarlet ladies sandals. There were 2 young Asian ladies looking after the shop.The older of the 2 girls was perhaps in her early 20s but the younger was very much still a teenager and she was the type of very bold, disrespectful, gum chewing,young lady who is very common place in London today. But she was very beautiful.

The older lady was very respectful and replied 'certainly sir' however despite her best efforts she couldn't fully restrain herself from giggling as she disappeared into the store room to get the shoes. While she was away the younger girl regarded me from behind the counter with a look of dumb insolence, saying nothing and chewing her gum. The other girl returned with the shoes and I tried them on. I looked quite a sight in my suit and tie and high heeled lady's sandals. I glanced up and noticed that the 2 girls were exchanging gleeful grins. 'Why don't you take a little walk about?' asked the younger girl. 'Good idea miss' I replied. So I walked around the little shop. There were no other customers. I saw the younger girl quickly snap me with her mobile phone but I didn't say anything. Through years of expwerience I can walk very well in high heels. But the sight of my walking was causing in particular the older girl some problems. I noticed she had to put her hand over her mouth to stop herself from giggling out loud. The cheeky younger girl was shaking her head in derision.

Anyway I decided to buy the shoes, it wasn't so much the shoes that were important but the pleasure of the humiliation involed in buying them.

Just before I left I said to the cheeky young lady, 'I don't mind you photogrphing me. I've got loads of photos of me in drag' and I took out some photos that I have of me fully dressed and made up in a variety of outfits. I often take these with me when I buy shoes,I like to show them to the lady assistants. Both girls were interested and looked at the photos. They had a good giggle, now quite openly not even trying to hide it. Strangely though the cheeky girl said ' You look quite nice in some of those.. next time you come here, come fully dressed up...I dare you!'

So I will.

After that I went home and had a good wank!


Anonymous said...

OK we all know we have the humiliation in public curse, but I'm really surprised at some of the4se comments. I go out a few times a year in DAYTIME public dressed as the most Flamboyant little Sissy Girl you ever saw. I have also spent many daytime hours at the Biggest Mall near me with hopes of being called a Faggot or a Sissy Fag. But to my shock and amazement I never heard any of those words, however I did recieve a lot of stares giggles and a couple of finders pointing at me. But for the most part everyone was very nice to me and said I looked adorable. Quite frankly it really pissed me off, seeing how my main goal was to fully humiliate myself and even thought I was dressed like a Sissy Girl and even wearing Real Babies Diapers and Plastic pants for all to see my plan for embarrassement failed.

Kent said...

So, here I am, a married man, at work reading this blog and thinking that I am not a real-man but a sissy boy! Prior to my wife moving in full-time, I "purged" my panties, bra, and make-up. After reading this and other blogs, I know that I am doomed because I miss the soft feel of those panties . . . mmmmmmm . . . and will eventually cave in and purchase and wear panties again. I am such a pantywaste! Should I come out with my wife about it or not? Is she likely to accept me?

Anonymous said...

I remember in my late teens, riding the subway to my first big summer job, and having a man recognize - even then, even when i was in male drag - that in front of him was a sissy fag. It was quite astonishing - regularly, he'd be in the same car of the same train, and every time he'd stand close to me in the rush hour crush, his hands roaming everywhere on my body. And, submissive little cum dump that i am, i let him have his way, even in a crowded subway car.

i came to crave his attention, to miss him when he wasn't on the ride to work.

so i did the only thing i could - i started going to peep shows, where older men were only too willing to use a teenager with a bubble butt - they wanted to take me out of the peeps, and to hotels or their homes. I had only one question: do you have some panties for me to wear?

Most were horrified. But one, a super chubby guy who had played my young body like a master violinist with a Stradivarius, said, "Sweetie, I have more than that."

Oh, he did! He had stockings, garter belts, panties, and handcuffs. Restrained, decorated and utterly inflamed, I gave it up to him. his rolls of disgusting fat covering me as he had his way with me - and, still, I begged for more.

He gave me that, too...bringing over friends who used me as he had, who ridiculed me for being girly but still a slave to my hardness. I didn't know what to think, but I knew what I needed.

Lipstick and perfume.

That summer, I spent every possible hour in the peep show, letting men pick me up - one after another. I couldn't get enough. Sometimes they'd give me money - and I used it to buy panties...so afraid every time I'd go to the store.

And now that I'm older - I still go to the peeps...but now i'm one of the older ones, still wearing panties, still playing the girlie part. Though my appearance is no longer fresh, my panties always are...at least at the start.

You can't escape your nature.

sissyboy_lori said...

because of your blog i have gone out dressed in girls clothes but not in full drag for the first time! i've gone out dressed up all the way before but never without makeup and wig.
anyway, i went the night before last (the night i found your blog!), first i shaved my legs put on thigh highs, garters, panties, bra and lacy satin camisole, all pink of course! then some tight womens jeans, obviously womens due to the intricate decorations around the waist and the fact that there wern't any pockets, white low heels and a girls black hoodie over the camisole, 2 sizes too small and not zipped all the way up in the front so you could see the top of my camisole!
then i went to the grocery store! hehe, bought some ky jelly and just to be funny a turkey baster! haha
the girl that rang me up gave me the strangest look when she picked up the turkey baster. haha
anyway, im sorry, but i cant hate myself or even be disgusted with myself. there is a bit of shame, but not so much that i feel bad.
i really enjoyed doing that. it was lots of fun and i had pre-cum running down my legs i was so horny! i immediately went home and used my new ky jelly to ride my dildo to an amazing orgasm. (its one of those dildos thats attatched to a ball!!)

thankyou so much for making this blog!!

- sissyboy_lori

Anonymous said...

This was the part of the personal ad that nailed me:

"All man in public, wearing a mask of masculinity but the second you get around a real man you're a panty wearing, submissive cock-sucking slut .... You love to be treated like a girl, fingered, fondled and fucked – dominated and controlled."

Um. Yes. Oh, my, indeed.

So I confessed my weakness in the note responding to the ad. Zeke contacted me quickly.

I'll let you know how it goes...but, HT, bitch...get back in here. Four responses from me, nothing new from you?


Anonymous said...

This is a very inspiring blog. I have decided to start one of my own:


Anonymous said...

Look, we have to deal with the hatred of others, let's stop hating ourselves. Write me if you ever need to talk to someone

Compulsive said...

Will this site EVER be updated????

Anonymous said...

Indeed: Hum Tee, please update your blog.


sliplovingsissy said...

of course we love humiliation and what is more humiliating than being a sissy? but you know what? (well, of course, you do) there's nothing more wonderful than slipping into some silly frou-frou frillies and admitting to yourself...let alone others...that you're a sissy, a pantywaist, cock-sucking, sissy whose idea of heaven is kneeling at the feet of a Mistress or Master, of being Their slut, Their slave, and if need be (and the need does be!) Their whipping boi-gurl. And yes, we do like to play with our little clitties, just like we were men with cocks.

sissy10023 said...

I,m a sissy fag, and I have been since I was 18 years old. I have a little dick, dress like a whore and readily give my white creamy ass to big black men - I'm such a sissy bitch

Anonymous said...

This is some heavy shit, I really like it! Gives me a boner big time. Wish there was more! I'm a tormented swishy TV Faggot wanker priss queen too who rather beat off looking at other CD/TV s on the web, call phone sex for humiliation, and drool over fashion mags while dolled up in CFM pumps, bullet bras, garters, girdles, FF stockings, butt plugs, corsets, pencil skirts and sheer blouses, etc. than fuck my totally hot girlfriend who only wants my cock in her cunt all day--talk about shame! UGH. I post my own craziness at Transvestite Faggotry Addict :


Please visit!

ffluff fortner said...

Started out as a "tranny-chaser", and maybe would have remained just that, not for an encounter with a beautiful tranny with a big cock who wanted to be serviced and pleased, and made it clear who that the bitch, that night, was me. After that experience I realized everything else had been a prelude to becoming the sissy and pansy I was unaware I longed to be. After being used that night, I knew that's what I needed. I realized I had chased trannies, not because I wanted to use them, but because I wanted to be LIKE them...because, in spirit, I WAS like them. Anyone else start out this way????

Anonymous said...

Most humiliating? That's really hard to say. The humiliation I feel every time my urges make me dress like a slut for a man at his house or in a hotel room is soul ripping.

The first time I was with a man was the probably the most humiliating though. Was so confused and scared, but I did everything he wanted. I could almost feel my self-respect crumble away as I lay there, completely limp-dicked, as he held my head and pumped down my throat again and again.

Anonymous said...

I want to say how much i enjoyed the theater sissy faggot story, this is what i have been doing too for the last couple of months. So far i have only sucked fours cocks but am hoping that i will have many more the next time i go dressed. It will be Halloween for at least a couple of hours and i will be dressed in my sluttiest little dress and pumps with myblack wig. Loved the time wheni was the center of attention at least for three guys, the onei was sucking was calling me lots of humilating words and kept my head bobbingup and down!! Such a little fairy sissy prissy cumslut i have turned out to be. Not good for anything but humilation and more humilation!! tg/stephanie

Anonymous said...

Like your site. I'm also a long-time sissy and crossdresser. Never successful with girls -- shy, meek, have a tiny one, and (on rare occasions when given a chance) was usually impotent as well. So, for many years, I only wear girl's undies, often wear girl's jeans and tee shirts and so forth out. And I have lots of maid/waitress type uniforms.
So, pretty much in same boat with you -- though perhaps a bit less likely to be with guys (beeninto the clothes and so forth for yewars and years -- and still no desire to "do" men.)
Anyway -- that's my 2 cents worth.
I now work at a fetishy Club downtown (DC) as their wiatress for many events.
In college, lived with a girl as her "houseboy" -- even dressing her for her dates with (real) guys.

Linda said...

My most embarassing moment came right after I bought a t-shirt that says "I wear bras and panties". It is pink. I was wearing black slacks. Did I get looked at? Of course I did! And I loved it until someone came up to me and said he thought he recognized me from my very public part time job. I said he must be mistaken and walked away. I hope he b elieved me.

I Need It said...

I love your blog. It's inspired me to create my own. I'd love it if people from here would come and comment on my blog. Please share. I'd also love for us to link to each other.



Alrbus said...

Judging by the subject of this blog and the passage of time since the bloggers last post, I think it’s a safe bet to assume that he must have committed suicide. Who agrees with me? And if you don’t agree, please explain why?

jizzster said...

I thought I should share how I went from being a part-time sissy to a full blown transvestite.

When I was in highschool I used to get dressed in my sisster's dress's and panties to masturbate infront of the mirror. One afternoon i was all dressed up and jacking in front of a full length mirror, leaning back in a chair so i could see my ass whole. I had used lipstick to write "faggot whore" on my forehead. just as I was about to come my sister and her friend walked in the room and saw me. They froze in terror and i couldn't hold back my surge. I stared at her with my mouth open in shock as I sprayed my face and her dress in my cum.

There was no use in denying it after that. i sucked my first cock later that week.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope he is not gone of done away with himself. Maybe he got married and is a daddy now, who knows? I wish he would just let us know if he has decided to close this blog. I really enjoyed this blog. Maybe he has gone on to better things. This is my hope anyway. I will always be grateful and remember him for his sharing of his life.

pantyM said...

Oh God. This is all so true...

My wife left hours ago for a couple day stay with some friends. Opportunity striking, I took a long, hot shower, scrubbed from head to toe with Bath and Body Works shower gel (rose scented), shaved everywhere, and shampoo'd my hair. Got out, and put on a cami set of hers, dug around for my bright red sparkling nail polish, the clippers, the base coat, and the top coat for doing my toenails. I then (in only the cami set) had to wander through the entire house and turn off all of the lights (we have no curtains, and I turned on ALL of the lights before I got in the shower). I got upstairs, found her huge vibrator, lipstick, and some perfume, and then proceeded to douse myself in the perfume, put on my slutty lipstick, and apply some of her deoderant. Smelling as girly as possible, I then went into the bedroom, stuck the vibrator between my legs, turned it on, and then started to do my nails. Between each coat, I pull the vibrator up, and blow it, while I am waiting for the nails to dry. I keep making sure to cover the vibrator with my pre-cum as often as I can, cause I like the taste of it on my lipstick covered lips. When my nails were FINALLY done (and my mouth was a little sore), I finally came in her panties. I then sent her the multiple cell phone pictures I took of the whole episode. I am such a sissy. I don't even know why she stays with me. I was told I would be getting my maid outfit and heels for Christmas, so maybe that's why... I am a loser, sissy, cum-slut...

Paula Kennedy said...

ive been a sissy faggot all my life, i tried to cover it up and got married,my wife didnt mind me dressing up, but after years of me being unable to satisfy her in the bedroom she relised i was a faggot and divorced me. she even set me up with another transvestite and watched as i sucked him off, since the divorce i have only been with men, what women would ever want to be with me, i adore women, but sexually im a submissive gay transvestite.

MsJamie said...

The first time I dressed a guy I was 16yrs old he was 18yrs old. I love how I made him look like such a whore a low class prostitute I loved it!

After doing his make up I made him wear a tube top and a mini skirt and then fucked him with the same pink vibrator he had bought for me just the day before.

I don't know why but I really love to fuck pansy guys up the ass. They are sissy slut toys it's hard not treat them like the bitches they are. xo

Nancy said...

Ooh, sweetie, I do so love your blog and the comments your readers leave. I hadn't realised there were so many of us fairies in frocks around. It has inspired me to start my own blog and show the world what a faggot I also am. It seems to me that it's only fair that I thank you for giving me the nerve to do so and leave a comment in return.
I've been cumming off in womens' clothes for many years now, but it's only since I was picked up by my current boyfriend that I have been dressing daily. He insists that I dress every day whether he's around or not. I have to wear my prettiest and sluttiest clothes, very short dresses or skirts with stockings and heels and lacy little panties. He insists that I plaster my face with thick make-up and powder but won't let me make myself look too pretty because he wants everyone who calls at my house to see that I'm just a faggot dressed as a woman.
Now you might think that I only dress when I know he's calling around but to ensure I dress all the time he visits anytime of the day or night without warning me (he has his own key). To make matters worse, he regularly visits gay clubs, cruising areas, clubs and roadside toilets (we call them cottages over here in the UK) and gives my address out to guys he meets, telling them to call around whenever they feel like some fancy arse. Of course, he doesn't bother to tell me about them. To humiliate me further, he tells them to pay me twenty pounds, which they have to stick in the tops of my stockings, for my services as a cumslut. I have to keep the money in my stockings until he cums visiting himself so he can see how many men have had me since his last visit. So that they can bugger me without any hassle, I have to leave little dishes of lard for their use in all the rooms. He won't let my use KY or anything like that because he says lard is good enough for an old slag like me.
Here is a recent example of such a visit that happened on Tuesday this week. It illustrates well your earlier post about different types of humiliation.
It was about seven in the evening and I was sat on the sofa with a good book when the doorbell rang. I went to answer the door, putting the hall light on as I did so. I have frosted glass panels in my door so I could see from the outline that it was a couple of men, but couldn't see them clearly enough to recognise them. I find it excitingly humiliating to have to answer the door in these circumstances. On this occasion I was wearing a white blouse with a very short kilt-style miniskirt that just about covered the tops of my stockings, with black seamed stockings and black five inch stilettos. My panties were frilly little red things with a diamante heart on the front. My face as usual was painted-up with thick rouge, eye-shadow and lipstick. You can no doubt imagine the buzz I got opening the door. I mean it could have been guys my boyfriend had sent around or it could have been someone who loathes fairies like us. Fuck, I could feel butterflies in my stomach and my cock stiffening as I reached for the door handle.
When I opened the door I realised that there were in fact three of them, all old farts.
"Are you Nancy?" asked one of them, "Your boyfriend told us to call round. Reckons you're good for a cheap fuck." as he stuck his hand up the front of my skirt.
"Yeah" I said, "I'm Nancy. You'd better come in."
They filed in, each of them feeling me up and pushing a twenty pound note into the top of my stockings as they passed. I'm sure my face must have flushed from the sheer humiliation of knowing I was going to be arse-fucked by a bunch of old men. They were fat and flabby and hadn't even bothered to shave. Of course, my cock got even stiffer.
I showed them into the lounge and went off to the kitchen to get some drinks, including a large vodka for myself. When I joined them in the lounge they were sat on the sofa. I handed them their drinks and sat in an armchair as they shared out a pack of Viagra. I knew I had about half an hour before they'd be ready to get up me.
The time was passed in conversation. I say conversation but most of it was nothing more than myself being subjected to a barrage of filthy, humiliating insults and questions, accompanied by sneers and laughter.
"Well," said one of them, "Your boyfriend was right when he said you were a bit of an old boot. But then what can we expect for twenty quid."
I went scarlet, my excitement mounting as they continued in this vein.
Eventually they told me to stand up and pull up my skirt. I did so, facing them as I slowly slid my skirt up to fully reveal the tops of my stockings, then my smooth, creamy thighs and finally my cock, rigid in my pretty panties.
"Hmm, nice. Turn around, let's see your fairy arse.
I turned, pushing my arse out as I lifted the back of my skirt. Hands started stroking and squeezing my arse-cheeks, and fingers stroked the crotch of my panties. Someone pulled down my panties and spread my arse-cheeks. I could hear comments and mumbling as someone started to lick around my little fuckhole. I groaned as I was tongued, his bristly chin rubbing against my cheeks. Some guy stood in front of me, pulling my head down to his cock which was now stiff and sticking out of his pants.
"That's it, you fucking little homo," he said as he pushed his cock between my scarlet lips, "It's all fairies like you are fucking good for."
He held my head as he actively fucked my face. The guy who had been tonguing me had stopped now.
"Got some lube, faggot?" he asked.
"By the phone on the table," I replied as the guy in my mouth pulled out for a moment. "next to the condoms."
"Condoms!" fuck off faggot, "you're going to take it fucking raw, spunk and all."
I could only gurgle as I was again sucking cock. I felt a lump of lard being smeared around my hole, then more being pushed into my arsehole. The guy I was sucking held poppers to my nose. The effect was immediate and I almost shot my load at the thought of being barebacked by these bastards. I moaned again as a cock slid up my arse. The guy I was sucking pulled out and let go off my head so I was able to straighten up somewhat, supporting myself with my hands on my knees as my arse was buggered.
"Lift your fucking head you little cunt. Let's see your face."
I did so. The other two were now stood in front of me wanking.
"Look at us and tell us what you are, darling."
I looked at them, feeling my face flushing with the humiliation.
"I'm a fucking queer," I said, rocking a little as the guy up my arse speeded up his thrusting, "a piece of fairy fucking arse for real men to fuck."
And so it went on until the guy buggering me suddenly gasped as his spunk squirted into my arse. Needless to say the other two also had me, each pumping a further load of semen into me.
When they had finished with me they demanded another drink. The final humiliation was to have to sit there telling them what it felt like to know that I'd taken a load of spunk up my arse for money as they finished off their drinks.
It was when they left that the other sort of humiliation took hold. That feeling of self-loathing and disgust for what I had just done. The disgust of knowing that I couldn't have said no if I wanted to, knowing that I'm a fucking fairy who's addicted to cock and always will be. And I couldn't even take the clothes off and dress like a normal guy because I suspected that my boyfriend would be making a visit before the night was out.
I hope you don't mind me posting a link, but anyone who wants to see my blog can do so at

Anonymous said...

it's really great having someone like you place a mirror in front of our pathetic sissy selves... i'm married to a strong career-minded Woman who slowly but surely discovers the joys of having a sissy as a spouse (i can't say "husband" or, God forbid, "man" as i'm so far now from either definition...). It's been years since My Wife allowed me to place my useless peepee (that's how we both call it) inside Her. Nowadays, in bed, me dressed in my pink tights and sissy pants with my peepee tucked safely inside, we both fantasize, and She cums dreaming of, that Real Man who'd take Her as a man should, carress and kiss Her, and be for Her a Boyfriend and a Lover. We both agree that i should become Her girlfriend/maid - since instead of fantasizing about having sex with my sexy Wife, i dream of helping Her dress for Her date, and instead of touching and carressing Her pretty tights-clad legs, i dream of Him doing it... i even bought Her a sexy fuck-me bra and panty set in dark red, and am not allowed to see Her wearing it - it's for Her Lover... i'm a weakling sissy and accept it and make the most of it - worshipping and serving my Wife...

soyoung_kimcd said...

My evolution as a sissy:

Met one in New Orleans during a business trip and back in the hotel I played and lost my cherry for the 1st time.

Back home in Chicago, I got the full gear: Clear stripper platform 6.5" heels, black lace top thigh high fishnets and neon pink thong panties with the straps clearly visible above my short leather micro-mini. My favorite top was a yellow playboy baby t, that I filled out nicely with some fake DD silicone forms. I had a long black wig and of course the whore make-up.

At first I only did it in private, but eventually I started doing tricks at Berlin. The alley underneath the EL tracks were usually fast and convenient. The black brothas packing heath got freebies back in my balcony on Clark that overlooked the lake.

One time I did a quick blow job on a corner for $5.

Now I have to cut down. I still hang out at the mall dressed like a sissy: 3" heel boots, boot cut DKNY extra-tight, extra low rise jeans, a pink hello kitty baby-t that clearly shows I have a white-laced stuffed A-cup bra. A white cap and large pink sunglasses help conceal my identity.

However, there's nothing like riding the escalator....


have a group of teeny-boppers

pass by you

and laugh, call you a FAG, a SISSY, a FRUIT.....

The embarrassment is such a rush!!!

The best moment is when they wait for you at the end of the escalator, their laughs by now have caught the attention of other shoppers...and you can't do anything but finish riding the escalator.

As everyone thinks to themselves:

"My gosh! It's a sissy!"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh I love your blog, I don;t remember my first time dressing seems like I've been doing it forever. But I will say never good idea to go to porno theater in drag for a first experience, I was lucky to get out alive...but do love the stares or at least the appearence of stares when at the mall


kara_fetishdoll said...

LOVE your blog...im addicted to it!

I want to be a sissy slut...have you seen my yahoo group? there are loads of pics and vids of me in there and other sissy sluts and genuine girls i dream of being like...


keep up the good work...and do whatever you want with my photos.

kara doll xxx

Anonymous said...

Yeah, some one whom feels like I should be feeling. Have only started to write about my interior, but really can identify with your shout. New to these pages, but will continue to grow.

Anonymous said...

this may be of interet:


Anonymous said...

i am a tiny cock (sissy clitty)panty wearing slut who luvs being a sissy. i luv real dicks and wet hairy pussies and cannot believe what a pansy fairy i have become.

Anonymous said...

yes i too am a true sissy fag,i luv to dress up in my sisters pretty undies while she is out on a date with her boyfriend and dream of being fucked by her "cute" boyfriend too!god....i wish i was her!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know what I am. I am a regular guy doig the day at home, but at night I'm a FAIRY, a little sissy bitch. I order bras and panties from Victoria Secret, slutty whore dresses from Federicks of Hollywood and dress up like a filthy whore.

Then I go to out of the way clubs and stand and prance outside.

Last week I went to the China Club, and stood there as women passed by laughing at me calling me faggot and sissy.

If I am lucky, a guy, usually BLACK will pick me up and take me home, make me prance like a little sissy for him, as he strokes his 10 inch black cock.

Then I am made to get on my knees and tell him what I am.

"I am a sissy bitch, with a 3 inch cock. I'm a dick sucking faggot, please use me Mister"

God, I suck black dick, take it up my ass, sometimes, I am pissed on, sometimes these men take pics of me.

How humiliating, I am in a bra and panties, with 4 inch high heels, blonde wig, cocksucker red lipstick, on my back, legs spread wide while black men ass fuck me, my legs dangling over his big shoulders as he pumps my sissy ass and I scream like a girl.

I am such a pathetic little sissy bitch that I usually get on my knees in his presence after I am fucked and pull my little 3 inch dick until i cum on the floor. Then I lick up my cum



Anonymous said...

I have also gone to X-rated theaters fully dressed as a sissy slut. The most humiliating part for me was walking by street whore who always gather outside and around the theater. One inside I could chose upstairs, which was gay movies or ground floor which played str8 x-rated movies. Of course I always went upstairs first. First priority was always to take care of the employees who would walk around to make sure no one was smoking or drinking booze. I would spend hours on my knees sucking any cocks that was presented to me, as I believe sissies should always suck cock on their knees. I would ask the men to pump their first load into my mouth and the rest all over my face. The humiliation of walking out of the theater with my face covered in cum was the most degreating experience of my life. Whores would pointed, laugh and coment on the "sissy cock sucking whore"!

Anonymous said...

Since I was 11 I have had to wear tights as punishment for being bad I was made to take ballet class. I loved wearing tights the girls laughed at me and teased me calling me sissyboy and faggot. When I was 14 some of the older girls in class use to laugh giggle and point at the pathetic hard ons I use to get in my tights. One of the girls after class grabbed me and squeezed my cock I almost instantaniously creamed my tights all the girls broke out in hysterical laughter at the huge dark stain in my grey tights. They teased me mericelessly.

When I was 16 in high school I was in a school play where I had to wear a knights costume with light blue tights. There was a girl that had a crush on that asked me to rehearse after dress rehearsal at her house. Once there she said let's where our costumes I was still wearing my tights. We rehearsed all the while I had an aching hard on we sat down on the sofa and started to make out she began stroking my little cock and I creamed my tights hard she laughed at me and called me a sissy. We did this for a week before the play everyday she made me cum in my tights telling me how she wanted to embarrass me in my tights.
The day of the play came and we were standing onstage in the dark waiting to say our lines and she started stroking my hard on and quietly giggling. The thought of the humiliation was turning me on I was fighting to hold it but it was too overwhelming and I creamed my tights really hard she giggled and kept stroking me trying to drain me as I was soaking my tights. I could feel my cum running down my thigh then the lights came up I was standing there I a pair of light blue tights with a huge dark blue cum stain in my tights she started to laugh and point the the audience erupted in laughter.
I was humilated beyond belief and had to change schools

Nancy said...

Admirers wanted!!

The faggotry goes on boys...

You'll find a whole host of queers who dress as women at Fags In Drag, a free community for sleazy exhibitionist transvestites and the men who fuck and verbally abuse us.

We'd love to hear from you, guys...


You never know, you might enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

i love to be humilated too, i like to go shoping dressed in tight ski pants, usually white with a nice pink top but under neath i like to ware black knickers and bra, i like them to be lacy, also black tights or hold ups. my shoes are usually court shoes with lowish heels. The important thing is that you can see my underware through my top cloths and my black ankles and feet. It is so good walking around the shoping centres hearing people laugh at me, the best ones are groups of young boys and girls they get so loud shouting queer and pansy, it makes my little clit stiff. groups of boys are very good because they can get aggressive and i think a fagott sissy like me needs a beating every now and then. After the shoping i normaly stop off in the public toilets and that is even better because there is always some hard daddys cock to suck, mmmmmmmm i am such a slut and i always want more cock, i have acepeted my role in life of a sissy cock loving slut and i love every second of being a fagott, it has taken a lot of years to get used to it but now it is soooo good. if people want to know how i started i will tell them my email is samantha4youtoplay@yahoo.com i love to tell my story,

Anonymous said...

Thanks all for your posts and comments.

I confess that I’m a sissy cock sucking faggot too. Last time I went out of town I stopped at an outlet mall and bought myself a bra and panty set. I then when to a Wallmart and bought black stockings, and makeup—just eye and lipstick. I slipped into the walmart bathroom and put on the stockings, bra and panties--- I chickened out with the makeup at wallmart. I then drove to another store and bought a pair of 5 inch heels. I couldn’t wait to get them on in the parking lot. A woman saw me trying to put them on – it was so nice. The ankle straps were very stiff and difficult to fasten—it took me a good 5 minutes by which time the straps had lost some of their stiffest but I was fully stiff. I then sat in my truck and put on my makeup using the sun visor mirror—it’s nice that they have vanity mirrors on the drives side in trucks for us sissies. Anyway I then got out and walked around the parking lot. It was very exciting since it was my first time in heels – I felt so faggy and sissy and fem and of course very very wobbly. After a while I got the hang of it and noticed how the heels made me stand straight and with my legs together. I got back in my truck and started driving to where I had no idea, except I knew I wanted to find a porn theater or something like that. After about 40 minutes of driving around I found an up scale adult store. I instantly pulled in. I checked my makeup and lipstick and exited my truck. As I walked to the front door, it opened and a pretty 20 something woman came out with a bag. I stopped dead in my tracks and just stood there as she too stopped and looked me from heels to eyeliner. She then smiled very big, giggled a little and walked on. Mmmm it was heaven—I wish she would have called me a faggot. I then slowely walked to the door and entered the store. It was a very nice well lite place with a pretty girl at a center counter talking to two men in their very early twenties. She stopped, looked up and automaticaly asked it she could help me, but then stopped—I said no just looking and started walking to the side of the store. That is when I heard one of the men say “look he’s wearing high heels”. That was founded by some quite chuckles, I couldn’t bring myself to look at them, but I could tell they were leaving by the footsteps on the floor and the sound of the door opening and closing. I then did a slow walk around the store--- my oh my how my feet started to hurt in those heels—but I was loving every minute of it. I look over at the clerk and she was standing there shaking her head with a disgused look on her young pretty face. I wonder if that was the first time she’d seen a sissy fag or if she was just tired of us sissy cock sucking faggots coming into the store???? I then left and started driving again. About couple of miles down the road I found a seedy porn theater--- of course I stopped and when right in. I was nice parking my car a half block away and walking ot the front door. Inside I bought my tokens and went to the booths. I entered on an stripped down to just my heels, stockings, panties and bra, I then lef the booth and stood the middle of the room and played with my tiny excused of a penis while another – real – man watched me.
Hugs and sissy kisses to all you sissy fags like me.

Anonymous said...

Wow interesting stories..The first Time I went out was with another T.V. We met at a group therapy sestion..Trying to accept who we are...a bunch of sissy fairies that needed there asses kicked. anyway we decided to meet.at first when we dressed up in front of each other it was hard to stomach each other..we looked good but we had no self respect. So when we went out..the trill was like a high running around like a couple of sissies.we knew we are real fem pussies to the core. So we went to his friends house for a party and his neighbor wanted to see us. She never seen a tranny before and her and her girl friend was there and they wanted us to walk around and do poses why they giggled and laughed at us. they kept shaking there heads at us. and than the one woman asked me to lift up my skirt. I had hot pink panties on underneth,she said common! I bet you have a little fucking dick. I felt so Embarrased but trilled at the same time. So I lifted up my skirt. and slide down my panties. and they both started to crack up laughing..the one said a little faggot you are. I can't believe this is happaning. Smirking and laughing. the other asked if we can come over to her house to met her husband..I was scared..cuz after all I am a pussy. lucky for me he had left, after she called. So later on when I was driving home very carefully I started to come in my panties thinking about what happened. now there is no turning back cuz I love being humilated,I deserve it.

pantybousissy said...

oh pantyboysissy I am. I love to be humilated teased and laughed at. hope you like the last post it was anonymous.

Sissy_Cher said...

My wife has caught me twice crossdressed and was not shy in vocalizing her disapointment of me. Her emotional outbursts included such statements as "I don't want to be married to you" and "What the hell is your problem". She has never come around to accepting me as a sissy husband. She never allows me to dress in any feminine article of clothing around her. She will not even accept that I desire to crossdress at home when she is out. We are still together but her enjoyment of me has noticably diminished. I am very loyal to her and would never cheat on her. I could really just be a happy married sissy if she openly allowed it. For the last several years she has not enjoyed any type of sex with me. She will do it, but never takes any pleasure in it for herself. In our sexual relations now I am always worshipping her ass and feet to the point of my orgasm, but she never lets me bring her to an orgasm. I really love her and want nothing more than to please her and be her submissive sissy. It's painful, but I guess some women have no use or desire at all for a sissy husband.

Anonymous said...

My wife is hot, a trashy whore who loves to be dominated and I would like to share her best absolutely with anyone, in the men's room stall if I demand. i would like to share two of her favorite actual experiences

Anonymous said...

You don't suck, you're hot! I could picture myself walking through a mall with you in drag. Amazingly, as a straight guy, I could also see me on my knees sucking your dick while you're in drag. Don't feel guilty about being who you are.

Anonymous said...

Humiliated Transvestite - you speak as though every tg fetishist is exactly like you. You talk as though you know some sort of truth.

Your blog is depressing enough to make most closet transvestites kill themselves. Yeah, I get it - you avoid the annoying psychobabble bullshit that other tg sites use to justify themselves. But not everyone has such a dark and lifeless future.

To anyone who just happens to be stumbling upon this blog, don't worry - your future doesn't have to be all shit. Yeah, the world is fucked up and most people are going to judge you for being a transvestite. That's not going to change. But you don't have to listen to such derogatory bullshit, making you feel like less of a person for having certain sexual urges.

You'll find that most people, even the people with power, money, fame, and happiness - they all have secret fetishes that they're too humiliated to tell anyone. So yeah, I'm not going to lecture about self-esteem and all of that bullshit. Just don't beat yourself up for something you can't change about yourself.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 42 year old virgin. I love to shave my legs,wear pantyhose with the panty cut and 4 inch pumps. I use a wrench to keep my 10 inch dildo standing straight up and then I ride. You would not fucking believe how fast I go. And it goes all the way in and completely out and right back in. I can do over 100 RPMs like this. I own 8 pairs of heels and several dresses. This has satisfied me for a long time but now I need some real cock. I can't beleive I have never sucked or fucked real man. Looks aren't that important just a cock of at least 7 inches preferbly 8 to 12 inches. I have a 3 inch dick and am 5 feet 8 inches tall and weigh 130 LBS and my shaven legs look really hot in pantyhose. Does any real man out there want to fuck a sissy virgin bitch. I do mean a complete and total VIRGIN never ever been with a man or woman. Never had my dick sucked never put my 3 incher in a pussy or ass never got a hand job never saw a another person naked never been ass fucked by anything besides my dildos. So are there any wellhung takers. Please somebody FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sissyslob Whore said...

Hi 42 year old 3 inch virgin here. Too many anonymous' don't want to get lost in the crowd.So from now on I'll be known as Sissyslob Whore. If any of you fellow faggots know any real real men who want pop a skinny little bitch's cherry I will give them the time of their live's!

Anonymous said...

You're such a faggot sissy. Would love to find a person like you as a friend where I live. Fab blog, keep the words and pics cuming baby. Your fucking hot!

Teresaboi said...

you are so brave I loved your story.

Teresaboi said...

I love HOTT stories.

Anonymous said...

i like to cross dress and i was caught in my stepmoms drawer but im not allowed to have what i want and instead im being put through fuckin therapy and taking fuckin meds when i should just get what i want instead this is bull shit. its not like im homo, hell im straighter than a ruler. GOD DAMMIT!

Anonymous said...

I was shopping for corsets whilst wearing a black bra (plus nipple clamps) under a white shirt. I could tell that the assistants could see that I was a crossdresser. They were helpful and suggested that I try the corset on before buying. On this occasion, I bought a pair of seamed stockings and tried the corset and stockings on in the changing room. I could hear the 2 middle-aged women talking about me before they both came in to help me fasten up my stockings.
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God, I loved reading this.

Mind you, I'm a girl.

I honestly think you guys are freaking adorable.

What I don't find adorable is the moaning and the bitching.
"My life is an endless pit of pink OHNOEZ"

Love exists. You gotta look.

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I don't get it(I do not know too many things). so because shoes make you cum , you think you are a transvestite?
what if you don't want to become a woman?

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Yes i admit i have been a sissy faggot since i was very young. I did dress in my mothers clothing alot and when dressed i wished i was a girl and had a boyfriend.
i dreamed of having breasts and what it would feel like to be kissed and taken like a woman. I had a very large stuffed bear and when i was dressed i would cuddle up to it and kiss it like a woman would.
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Very nice and intrestingss story.

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Hi i am a transvestite and I really enjoy it lol joke

transvestite transformation said...

Still, that's a nice male to female transvestite transformation you've got going on there.

Ciara said...

I know I'm one of the many here, but I do enjoy public humiliation as well. It is exciting. Heels, tight overly female clothing, public outings. While I have yet to wear my mint green sissy dress in public, that would be a triumph for me in that respect. Good luck to all!

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Anonymous said...

The scariest thing I ever did was tell my girlfriend in college that I was a crossdresser because I planned to marry her and I wanted her to know. She never embraced it, but we made a arrangement where every third weekend in a month, she would go to her mom's or sisters and Desiree could roam free for an entire weekend.
I thought this was working out and we had a good marraige.
After three years, weeks before my birthday, my wife gave me presents of a very nice, expensive red dress, mathching 4" heels, French stockings, etc. She said that the following Sat. she wanted to see me in it. It was VERY exciting. That Sat. I worked all morning and at 1pm, I made my way downstairs carefully in those tall heels and pushed open the doors to the den.
HORROR! a dozen 'friends' were there for a surprise birthday for me. I tried to run away but slipped on the wood floors and my wife caught me, dragging me inside and pushing me into a chair, where she began yelling and telling everyone I was crossdressing, faggot, sissy, loser, etc. I started to cry. About alf the people, embarrassed also, left. this scene went on for about thirty minutes, my wife telling about my crossdressing history!
I left th.at afternoon and we would divorce

Anonymous said...


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I am comment number 142 with a quick update. I find this website extremely titillating, the girls are so beautiful and sexy and i thought my telling my most shaming moment would be the same way. But it was not titillating then to me and as I was writing it, gradually, it all came back to me and it was so..embarrassing, humiliating and it was the destruction of my marraige, almost my business and my life. The woman that I loved dearly, had ..turned on me in the most cruel, emasculating way. But I got a GREAT lawyer, a woman, lean, extremely muscular, blonde, blue eyed, beautiful, unsmiling, lives on a ranch outside of town..and she has a heart of ice and she ripped my ex-wife apart. My ex had cheated on me numerous times and was an alcoholic.I got my house back and her out of my life. All my employees heard (town not that big) about my surprise birthday party. How humiliating going to work every day. I lost half my business in the first month. I sought counseling in another town. I swore I would never cross dress again. But I did..like every night now (that was two years ago). I am more dedicated to it than ever. I tried sex with a man and it was good, but I am ..undecided. I am also dating a young lady, single mom, my office manager (I know that is not a good idea,but..)and she knows of course, but its never come up. To be honest, I am still trying to get over.. that 'surprise birthday party'. Its with me...every day....BUT, I still have that dress and it is exquisite!

Anonymous said...

Being a wussy transvestite fairy had always been my top priority. I never got married and never even had a girlfriend because the few times I thought I wanted to go there I would quickly remember how much chance that doing so could interfere with my transvesting. I am physically incapable of sexually pleasing females which makes me useless to females and extra useless as an alleged 'male'. By age five I KNEW that I did not stand a chance at ever being a real male so I never bothered to even try. By the time I was in High School I was hopelessly and irreversibly over the faggey-fem top. In gym class, after I'd be the last one picked for a baseball team I'd be sent out to right field where I'd beg to Goddess to never let the ball come to me. Then I'd stand and wander around daydreaming about being all dolled up as a sissy in one of my sister's femmy formal party dresses voraciously taking down the ultra rigid, massively pulsing shlong of 'my' main bully. When I'd walk through the quad and see the football jocks I would fantasize about them all taking turns kicking me in the groin as hard as they could and then waking up in a hospital to a doctor telling me that my testicles had been damaged beyond repair and had started to get infected so they had to be removed. Since at that point the doctor had to choose if I would be an 'it' or a 'something' he decided I should be a girl....uh oh. I have to go now and finish this another time. I have to dress up as a little girl and serve drinks at a crowded sports bar.

Kristina X said...

I hope you will continue with this blog!

kinkysissyslut66 said...

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Brad said...

At least you go all out and look rather fine -- contrary to other enthusiasts I stumble across. I, too am obsessed but perhaps less coherent in my mildly psychotic amphetamine induced trance which spawns aggressive masturbation and an absurd passion to become that which I desire.

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Anonymous said...

(I'g bet I probably have got everybody beat in this area! Just for starters I've noticed that most everyone of our ilk has at least had a girlfriend, if not a wife at one time or another. Not only have I never had a girlfriend, I have never been able to get hard enough to penetrate. Now get this: I LIKE and it gives me a girlishly castrating thrill to tell beautiful girls/women that I am an intensely committed transvestite who is physically incapable of pleasuring women and that the ONLY thing that gets me hard is transvesting! Girls always found me attractive but I was always afraid they would get in the way of my transvesting. Now, at 51, I'm finally doing what I should have done before puberty and am on estrogens and antiandrogens headed full bore in that direction! I have declined to have sex with gorgeous girls so that I could instead play girly dress up by myself. All my life I avoided all activity that could potentially build arm and upper body muscles because by age seven I had observed that muscles don't look good in a dress and had adopted as my number one priority-for-life to always look good in a dress. I even faked injury to a doctor to get exempted from PE weight training in high school. On PE weight training days I got to skip PE and go home early so on those days I would wear panties, pantyhose and a slip underneath my jeans and T-shirt since I didn't have to worry about changing in the gym. Yep, sixteen years old and already underdressing, and this was in the mid-late 70's! When I'm in public, one of my greatest enjoyments is seeing how many women have more muscle mass than me (ALL of them!) LOL...drag queens and transvestites talk about 'tucking', HA! I NEVER had to even consider doing that as I've always had nothing worth tucking: there is literally not enough there to even attach tape to. To this day I can wear only pantyhose underneath a tight skirt, with a stiffy pointed straight up and still be visibly flat in front...and, I love telling this fact to strangers both male and female but especially gorgeous sexy women. I could go on and on and I'll likely post more later but rest assured that I am among the worlds most premier wussy, pansy, pussy, sissy, pantiwaist, fairy, hopelessly indulgent transvestite!

Anonymous said...

part one

In nineteen seventy six I was seventeen and smoking enough pot to have earned the dubious (pun intended) distinction of being known as a "Stoner". For the most part and in general, there was really nothing about being a stoner that I nor anyone else at all, fellow stoner, jock, band nerd, whomever, had reason to perceive as being attractive, inviting or impressive. Hence, no one set out to become a stoner, it was just a social subculture and way of life that one just fell in to. There was however one aspect to it that I recognized right away as something I most definitely did want in on. Being a stoner made it appropriate to grow my hair long and that was something I had wanted to do for over ten years, since I was seven, the age at which it became abundantly clear to me that I derived tremendous pleasure and all encompassing, all sensory, deeply fulfilling enjoyment from dressing up as, acting like and therein feeling like a girl. An activity and another way of life where long hair fit the order wonderfully. Add to the mix that I was blessed with facial features more pretty and feminine rather than handsome and masculine, a slender, non-muscular build and still had almost no facial hair at seventeen and in jeans and a clean shirt I could pass as a girl my age while merely appearing as a pretty faced stoner.

Anonymous said...

part two

Such as I was on a Saturday afternoon hanging out at a friend's house. My friend was on the phone talking to some girl he was trying to get to know and I was delighting in my private thoughts about my plans for that evening. As was the case more often than not for a Saturday, my mother and stepfather were going to be leaving for a night out at about five o'clock and would be gone until well past midnight leaving me with the big beautiful house to myself. So there I am, waiting for my buddy to get off the phone so that I could tell him I was going home, while thinking: Okay, I'll hit the shower when the folks leave at five then shave closely, set my long hair in curlers and be doing my makeup by six, when my friend hangs up the phone, grins at me and says: "Right on! We're gonna get laid tonight!". Stunned and almost in shock I asked him what he was talking about. He explained that the girl he was on the phone with had a girlfriend from out of town visiting who wanted to get laid and that he and I were going to take these girls to a party then afterward get laid. Well, I pretended to be overjoyed at the news (as best I could, which wasn't super convincing I'm sure), told him I had to go home to get ready and he said he'd pick me up at seven.

Well, when I got home it was about 4:30 PM. Mom and Stepfather said goodbye for the evening at about 4:45 so I was showered and shaved by 5:30. At that time thought I really intended to go to the party. In fact I had even warned myself by saying-by-thought: If for some reason you can't get it together to go to this party and get laid, then you would have no business whatsoever ever again being intimate with girls. I thought I'd just be dressed in a half hour, pleasure myself, then change back into boy mode. However, I started playing with make up dressed in full lingerie, and next thing you know I managed to stain my lips red with Revlon Certainly Red. After my face was all done but just before putting on one of my stepsister's dresses she had left behind when she moved, I went to dab myself with just a tiny bit of perfume but oops! splash! Oh my, whatever will I do now? I went to the parent's liquor cabinet and poured myself a Johnny Walker Red on ice, slipped on and zipped up the darling pink ballerina style gown and a pair of silver high heeled sandals. Smelling strongly of spilled perfume I was quivering with such excitement that I could hear the ice rattling in my glass. I stepped out the sliding glass door from the kitchen and out onto the back patio and lit a splif.

Anonymous said...

part three

It was some potent herb because I soon had to sit down in the living room. Across from the loveseat upon which I sat perched was a large beveled mirror with an antiqued gilded frame., The pretty girl in which was whispering to me with her eyes saying:

"You know I'm the only girl you want. Be honest. You have to now make a decision and it is not at all a trivial decision. Most all boys your age would jump at the chance to get laid. You have been presented an opportunity to do just that. Handed to you on a silver platter. What is it going to be? Its this simple dear: YOU:...Boy....or .....Girl? Don't let me sway you in any direction. You know that no matter which you choose, I will be here for you darling."

With that I got up and walked over to the kitchen phone. It was about 6:15. When my friend answered, trying to sound like I had been vomiting ill I told him that I think I must have eaten some bad food that day and that I was so sick there was no way I would be able to go out with him and the two girls. My friend seemed to buy it and simply responded with sentiments of:

"Bummer for you. I'm going to have to drum up someone else who wants to get laid which shouldn't be too difficult. I'll see ya later."

I poured another glass over ice, spritzed with more perfume, and put on some sweet boppin' music, feeling so pleased and content that I chose to be a girl for the night rather than have sex with one as a boy, I was in the dancing mood. As I recall, the first cuts of wax I spun that night were ABBA's Dancing Queen and Nina Pretty Ballerina followed by Debra Harry and Blondie's Sunday Girl and Rip Her to Shreads. That night provided some real tangible insight into where I needed to go in my life with regard to both gender and sexuality.

Ingrid said...

Right you are, honey, being a Sissy involves a big element of good old-fashioned shame at being a cum dump faggot for a real man. There is nothing quite like the thrill of being on my knees with my lubed and ready ass sticking up in the air waiting for Cock! Knowing that my proud male body is going to be used for the carnal pleasure of another man, and that I'm going to be writhing and moaning and squealing as I am being humiliated and degraded, that I'm going to be aroused as the cum of another man is pumped into my ass is thrilling.

I did a couple, and the one of the best parts was watching the look on the womn's face as her husband's cock slammed me and his balls slapped my ass. You could tell she thought I was a pitiful creature.

Anonymous said...

in high school,when no one was home, I would go into the bedrooms of my big sisters and pick out some of their clothes that I knew they never wore anymore. I loved putting on their panties, pantyhose, dresses, bras and walk around in my mom's high heels (her shoes fit me). And then I started using their make up. then one day, on a Saturday when my parents were at work and my sisters were with friends or working, i was wearing a red dress, pantyhose, panties, bra w/cotton breasts, high heels and make up about the house, enjoying the heck out of it. then suddenly,I turned a corner and there was Robert, a boyfriend or my oldest sister. She had given him a key to come get some CD's that she wanted. He saw me and started laughing hysterically, calling me a fruit and alot of not nice things. I was in a panic, I went to him, begging him not to tell anyone, i literally dropped to my knees, crying, begging him and he was just laughing, talking alot of bad stuff about me. He was wearing some athletic shorts and i was just desperate, my life would be over if he told my parents and friends. I do not know why, but i just reached out (I was on my knees in front of him) and slipped my hand up his shorts, seeking his cock, which i found and I immediately started stroking it. He stopped laughing and talking and just looked down at me. a silent minute or so passed and i was still scared to death..but eventually, his cock started to get hard..quickly i pulled down his shorts and started using both of my hands to play with his cock. I really did not know what to do. but i worked his cock as best that i could. he seemed to especially like me to slowly, lighlty stroke the tip of his penis whish was really big and getting bigger. Finally, he just said in a cracking voice, "give me a blow job". and I did. My first, took me about an hour, i was so clumsy but he did not mind and he came in my mouth which was a really big thing to him (me too, cum to think of it). Eventually, before Robert graduated in about six months, I gave him ALOT of blow jobs, our house, in his car...lots of places. In college, in addition to having several girlfriends, I was also giving blow jobs to some of my roommates. Two years ago though, my wife (now ex) caught be blowing a guy who also mowed our lawns. That was...bad.

Anonymous said...

--helpful jack off tips include, always throw your legs over your head and masturbate all over your face while staring at your painted toes, yell at yourself while you do this, always urinate on your face also, keep re-peating, i am a toilet, i am a toilet at least a hundred times, gain alittle weight and be a urinal for the world--think about some studs defecating all over your face, the mistress i see has turned me into an ultra bottom pig, she has destroyed my self esteem and i always beg for her boyfriend to piss, and defecate on my face

Anonymous said...

well iv done it. i just... moments ago.... drank my first condom full of cum. it tasted awful, and yet what makes me know im a sissy is that the first thought i had is maybe its better straight from the source. what doues this mean????

Anonymous said...

I've posted here before but I HAD to return as I am as helpless with this running blog as I am with trying to resist my constant, intense passion to feminize. I love transvesting so much that I even enjoy talking with a lisp with limp wrists. I am all dolled up right now and it would suit me just fine to be sitting at a sewing machine sewing myself a pretty dress, while on a huge bed in front of me three muscular, manly, masculine men have steamy hot sex with three gorgeous, sexy women. With the whole time, periodically any one or more of them issues a snide, cutting comment, laughingly delivered, about just how much of a hopeless wussy, pantywaist, fairy transvestite I am. Then, after they have finished, the seven of us go out for drinks, on me, at some crowded sports bar, where the three girls then parade me around the bar collecting guesses as to just how small my penis is. Then, after all the guesses are in, the girls perch me on a table, yank down my panties for all to see and laugh at, then measure 'it'. The winner's prize would be to get to punch, knee or kick me in the balls as hard as they can, with that person getting $100 cash bonus if they render my balls damaged beyond repair, thereby requiring me to undergo an immediate orchiectomy.

Anonymous said...

I would love to be all dolled and painted up like a fairy princess and run into the football jock who was 'my' bully in high school. I would then tell and show him just how much more of a pussy I have become since high school and then I'd pay him $1,000 for the pleasure of letting him use my mouth and throat as a cum dump. Then, after he is all spent I would thank him repeatedly, kiss him and tell him I want to have his baby and buy him cocktails and two hookers of his choice. Then I would beg him to crush my balls with just one of his strong, muscular, manly, masculine hands and would he please make sure that he causes irepairable damage to both my balls, requiring their emergency and immediate surgical removal. After which I would pick him up in a limo, thank him much more, while crying like a girl out of girlish happiness and tell him I love him.

Anonymous said...

It means that you're another dumb fuck sissycunt! You bitches are all the same, a bunch of sissy faggots like the stupid slut at sissycunt.blogspot.com. Suck my cock!

Anonymous said...

Aww, it's so sad. Sissy little faggots should never feel bad about being what they are. I'd love to cuddle up to and/or violently fuck a sissy crossdresser. Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

Order Anti-Depressants said...
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Anonymous said...

The overwhelming self-hatred and self-contempt on your blog is hard to take. You are internalizing the hatred of society and turning it on yourself. If you are a gay sissy boy and like to dress as a girl, accept it and go on from there, instead of heaping tons of self-abuse on yourself. It is not the sissy-boy personality that offends but the terrible abuse you heap on yourself.

Anonymous said...

When I started out in life as a cross dresser, wearing my sisters clothing I never thought that it would take over my life. Now that I am in the process of becomming a girl with the help of my sister & a ex-girlfriend. I am very happy with myself. But, I never knew there were so many of us out there. Plus, when I first started down on this path. The other straight boys would always pick on me or beat me up. Now, I find out since I have become very passible & feminine looking. Those so called straight men flock to be like moths around a light bulb. They can't wait to get into my panties & either enjoy my sissy pussy or to suck on my sissy clit. Then when they have had their way with me they want even more. But, they don't want to hear that they are not straight. GO FIGURE!!

mary/tom said...

i dont feel shame anymore or humiliation,i did at one time but not anymore.i am a happy sissy faggot cock sucker crossdresser and love it and live as a women.i found a home in a adult movie/book store theater.i suck all the cock i want and fuck anyone i want.there are times i suck one or two men,or suck all i can get.but there is a group of black men i have just found that love me.one has the biggest cock i have seen this far.hie cock is 8in soft and 2in round,i can not deep throat it but i can tahe it all in my ass to his balls.i love to wear my black full body stockings with red thighhigh 6in boots.i will walk around untill i find some nice cock to suck and one to fuck me at the same time.if their cocks are notto big i can and have sucked 2 at one time with a 3rd in my ass.i love a good gang bang with allthe cum i can swallow, and let them shoot all over my face and body running out of my ass.i am a true cum dumpster.i love cock and cum to suck and swallow.and my black cock friends give all the cock and cum i can handle.iam working on trying to deep throat his monster cock but no luck so far but i will keep trying.

kathyann0026ts said...

I never did feel any shame or humilitation. You see since the earliest of times I just knew that I should have been born a girl. And, since I was 7 years old I have dressed full time as one. that was when my older sister caught me in her new outfit & told our Mom on me. When I turned 13 Mom put me on hormones. Even though I was raped at a early age, I found out that I looked at boy's cocks in a different light after that. Even though I was on therapy for awhile, I found out that I couldn't stop thinking & dreaming about all those stiff cocks out there that need sucking.

sissylora said...

I visit the adult bookj stores often. Depending on whos working I will dress in the peep booth or if I know the guy working I will go dressed. Once in the peep booths I redo my make up pull up my mini to show all those horny men my garters. When I see a hot guy I take out my lipstick and looking directly at him slowly reapply it to my whore red lips.
He would look around and then slip into my booth. Before he removes his cock I ask him to feed the video machine. As he doing that I just love to pull down a mans zipper and search for his cock. As I stroking it I wisper to him to talk real dirty to me, I like to be cock slapped. He then forces me to my knees and I can feel all the cum on the floor soaking my nylons.

I want his cum and work hard for it. I like to take the first load in my mouth and the rest all over my face. After he leaves I take my panties off and clean the floor clean. I will then move to another booth that is covered in cum. I love the feeling of my panties sticking to me from the cum drenched floor. I now date quite a few guys that I have met there.

Anonymous said...

I separated from my wife because of "irreconcilable similarities" i.e. we both wore the same clothes and we both wanted to have a cock inside us. The difference was that I never had. And shortly after we separated, the urge to experience anal and oral penetration grew too strong to resist. It had taken me no time at all to register with several Transvestite contact sites, and was in communication with several interested men. So after much deliberation I arranged to meet up with one of them at a local dogging site. I was very nervous, but on the evening of the meeting I was ready in my basque, stockings, lacy panties, short mini skirt, frilly blouse, fuck me heels, painted nails and immaculate make up, and arrived early. I parked up, made sure I had condoms and lube in my handbag, and headed off to the park bench that we had agreed to meet at. He arrived bang on time, and sat down next to me. I was shaking like a leaf, but he smiled at me, and asked me if I had the condoms. I took them and the lube from my bag and handed them to him. It was then that things started to go wrong. He chucked them over the hedge into a stream, and at that moment another man appeared. He grabbed my bag, containing my car keys, and told me that the chemist on the high street would still be open, and that I needed to go and get some more. They gave me some money and one of them followed me at a discreet distance. Not knowing what to do I hurried as fast as my heels would take me. I had to cross the busy street, and was conscious of many looks from the public. There is only one thing that a man in an indecently short skirt and high heels is planning when buying condoms and lube, but fortunately the chemist just smiled to herself. I hurried back to the bench, to discover the first man had tied ropes to each of the legs of the bench. I was instructed to kneel on the bench with my arms over the back. Each limb was tied to a rope attached to a different leg, so I was forced to spread my legs and could not reach my wrists. Then the two men proceeded to penetrate me, one from the rear and the other down my throat. Despite the abuse I proceeded to give good oral sex, since I needed them to untie me afterwards, and anyway I was quite enjoying the humiliation. However as soon as they had finished with me they departed, leaving my handbag under the bench and the condoms and lube on the seat beside me. I was left tied helplessly. Over the period of about three hours I was used and abused by about half a dozen men, anally, orally and spitroasted, before one of them had the decency to untie me. By then my panties were ripped, my stockings were stained in semen, I had swallowed enough cum to fill a sperm bank, and my blouse had yellow marks where the men had wiped their cocks after they had used me. I could barely walk, and my arse was sore. I staggered back to my car and drove home, where I stripped off, had a shower and slipped into a pretty cotton print dress. Then I logged on and proceeded to set up another meeting with another mystery man. And to send an email to thank the man I had just lost my virginity to.

Anonymous said...

I never went the rope & tied up scene, but honey I have been RAPED before. You might not realize it right now but from where I'm sitting that seems like you were raped to me.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word. I cannot believe what I did last Wednesday. I was on business in a fairly small rural town and at about 2:00 PM I checked into my motel room. Well the girl at the front desk was the most gorgeous I have ever seen and with a body second to none. After she secured my room, she looks at me with this huge, totally seductive smile, looks deep into my eyes and says: "I am off work at five o'clock. So at five o'clock I will be right over there (points to a love seat in a off-lobby waiting room) on that love seat, but if you are not there by five-thirty I will be gone. Then she slowly and deliberately hands me my room key and presses it into the palm of my hand whilst smiling seductively and gazing longingly into my eyes.
What do you suppose I did? I thanked her and went to my room where I poured myself a glass of wine, proceded to use a rotary epilator to remove all my body and facial hair (pulled out by the roots). I then showered, put my long hair in curlers, did my makeup then dressed up as a pretty prom princess fairy. When the clock hit five o'clock, I was dolled up to the girlified nines, standing in front of a floor to ceiling mirror admiring my femininity and stroking my raging hard-on that was protruding from the top band of my pantyhose. Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

By age ten, I could fasten a bra behind my back in five seconds but I never learned to unfasten one from a girl. Need I say more?

Jessica said...

Yes I too am a sissy cum slut fagot and I fucking love it. i used to dread the shit but fuck it i love it. I love cock as a sissy fagot. I've done the book store thing been on Craig's list picked up guys down town late at night after bar hoping, I've taken hormones and laser hair removal I have small "A" cup breast, dildos but plugs Ive done it all baby and I love it. I dream about being a woman and having sex with men all the time. I would change my sex if I had the money because I am happiest as a female I could care less about having a cock I hate having body hair. I wish my tits were at least a "B" cup. So to you all go suck a cock and take one up the ass for good measure.

Jackie said...

i will probably read each story and cum to each one, eventually *giggles*
i knew i was hopeless when i had my last gf freshman year of college. we were hanging out probably for about a month and a half before She finally asked me the most humiliating question. "Are you a virgin"

of course my face turned completely red, i felt not only so embarrassed but also inferior. i had never felt so pathetic when She started to laugh at me. She was so beautiful maybe the most attractive girl i have dated, i already liked Her but when She laughed at me and called me a little baby She made me feel a foot shorter, i was used from there on, She would let me go get Her food take Her places and clean for Her. and when we were together in public She would embarrass me in front of others and friends by usually either making fun of me or hit me knowing i would not do anything back or try to talk back. this kind of relationship lasted another 3 months before She told me to come to Her room one day and told me to sit down and said that She did not want to see me anymore, i remember it wel because when i saw Her again She said it again.
before i left Her room when She had continued on telling me Shes tired of me and talking to me like im an idiot or 5 years old . i know it was all my fault. and before i left She said to wait, then went to Her drawer and put a pair of Her perfect panties in my hand and said "i know You want to wear them you stupid fag." and when i actually took them i didnt even think about it, and She laughed under Her breath and said " so pathetic". its been 3 years since i was with Her now as i know i am completely worthless to girls. as now i am on Her facebook trying not to message Her or call Her and tell Her what a pathetic sissy faggot i became now! with a dildo in my ass wishing it was Her with aa giant strap on tearing my sissy ass up! i miss Her so much i would do anything for Her! just to hear Her perfect laugh!

Trish said...

Wow, ladies, I envy those of you who made the effort to publicly expose yourselves. I've been dressing for over 20 years (began as a pre-teen), and I fantasize so often about going en femme in public and being filmed while doing so. All these videos and pics of other trannies going out to clubs and even the beach just drive me batshit. I'm jealous and I need a hot man to assist in making me a woman in public.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Well, I finally did it! And it was so delightful I wish I had done it earlier. Last night I was out at a mixed lifestyle bar, all dolled up extremely girlish and feminine. I wore a pale pink polyester girly-girl sissy type dress with a short, flared A-line skirt, trimmed and billowing with ruffles of crisp white lace, with two three-layer, soft poofy chiffon square dance petticoats and pearlescent pastel pink three inch high heels. I was sitting at the bar sipping my very strong girly cocktail and in walked three guys, one of whom was to die for gorgeous. I immediately tented my petticoats rigid stiffy. This guy was ruggedly handsome, lean and oh so muscular. I mean he could have snapped my toothpick wrists with just his thumb and index finger without even trying. Well, his friends went to grab a table and he headed right to the bar, towards ME! He ordered three beers for he and his friends then glanced at me and smiled. I said hi and he said hi back and I was so effing turned on by this man that I just threw all caution to the wind and said: "May I ask you something?" He replied: "Sure, go ahead". I took a huge slug off my cocktail and said: "I'll give you ten bucks if you let me blow you and another ten if you would please punch me in the balls very hard (I actually like that! The deep, dull ache!)after I suck you off. He said "That'll work for me. Hold on a second." He took the beers to his friends and said something to them and they looked at me then nodded their heads in approval toward him and grinned at each other. There were four female regulars there shooting pool that I knew would watch the ladies room so I grabbed this hunk of muscular studliness by the hand and pulled him with me to the ladies room. Gave five bucks to one of the gals at the pool table and said: "I trust you'll stall anyone wanting into the ladies room?" to which two of the girls looked at my guy then grinned at me and nodded yes. Well, the rest was as hoped: he had a gorgeously rigid seven incher about 1.25 inches diameter and I did my first penis as if I had been doing them for years. I caught all his jizz in my mouth, swallowed, then licked him clean. I then lifted up my pretty dress exposing my panties and said: "Just one punch, but really hard." And wham, he hit me perfectly on my nuts and with such force I almost passed out. I gave him a twenty, thanked him, kissed him on the lips. He went back to his friends. I straightened myself up, fixed my makeup, went back to the bar, finished my cocktail and went home. I have been twirling, mincing, sashaying and dancing like an intoxicated schoolgirl ever since!

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